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Webgility ECC - Third-Party Channel Software - Pending Order Oversales

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Does anyone else frequently oversell items because of pending orders. How has Amazon not implemented a way for third-party software to deal with pending orders? I have had to cancel over 6 orders this week alone because of overselling via pending orders. This has put a warning on my account and has me stressing about my seller privileges. I have 1 pending order right now, that is going to oversell when it finally goes through. There is literally no conventional way to deal with this issue? I want to report the correct quantities to Amazon, why doesn't Amazon want to play nice with third-party software that allows them to make more order commissions from sellers?

I try my hardest to monitor pending orders and adjust stock in my POS software by -1 immediately when I know about it, but I cannot be glued to the Amazon Seller central every minute of the day.

If there is a solution to this issue--I need to know it.

Hey There,

I work with ecomdash (multichannel inventory management software), and we automatically reduce inventory across sales channels when an order is pending, to mitigate the risk of overselling. It’s helped our customers who sell on Amazon avoid the stress of what you are talking about. Are you using a third party tool now? I’m sure there are others who can do this for you. Maybe check WebRetailer or Ecombytes for more suggestions? Good luck!

Tiana with ecomdash

You need to address your problem to Webgility

Amazon accounts for the pending order. Apparently Webgility overwrites the correct inventory.

The crux of the issue is that many sellers have to use sync software in order to sell across channels/in-store and Amazon does not accommodate the third-party software to download pending orders to update POS stock. I'm assuming you are selling solely on Amazon?

Pending orders are never considered or posted into the POS so when the inventory sync software sends a quantity list--the quantity will be off for pending orders. How could any sync software be able to account for the pending orders if Amazon doesn't include pending orders in the API? I will call Webgility--but this seems to be an issue with even the largest sync software comanies. I have seen a similar forum post to my issue on Channel Advisor and the suggestions is to either sell high demand products on one channel or manually override local inventory for pending order--both of which are far from perfect solutions to this issue.

Hi Bauman's,

Amazon does make Pending orders available in their APIs, but there are actually 2 periods of time for Pending orders.

Right after an order is placed, Amazon will hold the order for 30-45 minutes (sometimes up to 2 hours) in order to give the buyer time to change or cancel the order. During this time, the order is unavailable in Seller Central or in the APIs (you wouldn't even know you have an order yet). I'm guessing this is the period you're talking about, and you're right, it could cause problems of overselling on other channels.

After this time, but before the order is shipped, is the next period for a Pending order, and the order is available in Seller Central and the APIs at this point.

Our multi-channel listing and inventory management software, Sellbrite, imports orders from Amazon as soon as they are available, then allocates/reserves inventory for the Pending orders until they are shipped. Our automatic inventory sync will adjust the quantities on all the other channels to account for this reserved inventory. You can also set inventory rules for each channel in Sellbrite that can provide a "buffer" in your inventory and help prevent overselling.

Let me know if I can be of any help.

-Brian @ Sellbrite

Other inventory management systems might have this type of issue, but Solid Commerce was built specifically to make sure that online sellers are able to avoid this type of mishap. It's not good for anyone when your displayed stock levels don't actually reflect what you have available in your inventory.

We can also integrate directly with QuickBooks and QuickBooks POS to make sure that your orders are processed as quickly as possible - for a lot of sellers, this edge really helps them keep their finger on the pulse of their inventory in a very efficient way.

You're more than welcome to shoot me a DM if you want to chat a bit more about Solid Commerce and how we might be able to help you with some of your inventory management woes. Happy selling!