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Is it worth buying Quickbooks?

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I am a very small seller. However, I still need to track my expenses, income, and cost of goods. I am using a MAC. I looked into Quick Books for Mac. It appears that it will meet all my needs and then some. The price is $250. Is this software worth the investment or do you folks have a better solution? Thank you in advance for any and all answers.

No. We bought it and found it was impossible to cleanly import Amazon data into it.

When we consulted with our cpa he advised us, as a small simple online business to use excel spreadsheets.

They have done the job for us.


Sara, Thank You for the quick response. My biggest issue with using excel is I really have no idea how to effectively use it for this application. I would actually be using Apple's Numbers.

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Check out Quicken Home and Business. It might work for your situation and is a lot cheaper than Quickbooks.

Edited to say- after searching, I could not find a Mac version.

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**Hey There,

I work for ecomdash, a multichannel inventory management tool, and we have customers who have used Quickbooks and Xero - and some customers just use our tool to track expenses like shipping materials in order to determine inventory valuation and gross profit margin, etc. We've heard complaints about both - nothing seems to be perfect for everyone. If you are looking for "mostly" accounting (as opposed to any automated inventory control needs across channels), webgility could be a decent solution for you? Webretailer.com and ecombytes.com may also have some good suggestions. They post customer reviews of third-party tools and software, so you’ll find some honest feedback. Good luck!

Tiana with ecomdash

I use Wave and am happy with it.

It is a double entry system and free. The one downside is that your data is kept in the cloud, so if Wave closes its doors your data may be inaccessible.

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