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Does anyone remember when CP started picking up parcels once a day last yr?

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Last year, I recall sometime around christmas, there was a sign which stated something like: As of (date) parcels and mail will be picked up once a day at 1 pm.

Right after christmas, they went back to the 2-times a day (Which did strike me as odd since christmas is their busiest time...)

Does anyone know when it was? I searched and searched and see no announcement; and no one at my PO can tell me if/when it will happen this year...

(I ask because I don't always go to drop off my parcels, and last year my helper missed the sign).


Each area runs differently. At one time, my city had all Xpresspost packages picked up at 1 pm to go on a plane at 3 pm all through the year. It could be they were trying to increase efficiency and found it didn't work.

I assume there will be pickups and deliveries on the weekends soon as that seems to happen in December every year.

I suspect that happened last year at your post office because it wasn't on a delivery route that the trucks couldn't get to in the afternoon because of the increased pickups they had at other locations.