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Hi Everyone,

Yesterday I received a package back in the mail marked as "Return to Sender" due to an unknown/incomplete address. I have reached out to the buyer in an attempt to obtain the correct address as I'm more than willing to re-ship. If I don't hear back from this customer soon, what is my next step? Do I simply refund the order? Is there a way for me to obtain the buyers phone number from Amazon in an attempt to reach them by phone? Any and all advice is much appreciated.


just refund the order..do not resend it.
there is not a way to verify a new shipping label.
send customer another letter saying you are going to refund and for them to reorder with correct information..
you can also mention to them you are with holding original shipping cost

If you want to avoid an A-Z claim and lower the odds for negative feedback, refund 100% of the customers money.

You are entitled to keep the shipping charge the buyer paid but you should decide if you want to risk that amount against an A-Z or bad feedback. It is up to you and how you want to run your business.