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Listing Optimization / Translation – Amazon Europe


Amazon Europe is growing fast, with lower competition than Amazon.com.

Using our powerful combination of Keyword Research & Copywriting / Translation, we optimize listings to and from German, French, Italian, Spanish & English!


A. Keyword Research & SEO

Data-backed keywords, derived by comprehensive market research, software, language professionals and Amazon experts.

We identify the highest volume and most relevant keywords in your target market, to maximize your traffic!

B. Copywriting – Not Just Translation

Our Native Copywriters translate, enhance and tailor your sales copy to maximize appeal to customers in the local market

A localized approach to improve conversion and increase your sales!


1. Product Title – Enticing, keyword-rich titles to get more clicks from customers

2. Bullets & Description – Crafted by copywriters to appeal to customers in the local market and convert

3. Keywords / Search Terms – Comprehensive keyword research to identify and include the best keywords in your listing and backend search terms

4. PPC Terms – A list of the best terms to target when advertising your product on Amazon

5. Quality Assurance – All contents proofread to provide you with peace of mind

6. Unlimited Revisions – Our commitment, your satisfaction – unlimited revisions available for 14 days



Our team members are native speakers and language professionals, who have been trained and specialize in Amazon listing optimization.


Listing Optimization / Translation – Amazon Europe