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Amazon Optimization

The first step to a successful Amazon product is to optimize your product’s listing. We research your product and your competitor’s products and then use Amazon optimization to give you a product listing that’s destined to win.

Amazon Promotion

We show you how to use multiple marketing channels to flood your product with traffic and exposure and this exposure will boost your sales and visibility on Amazon and we can even help you get your first fba shipment out!

Dominate Amazon

We hold your hand for a few weeks after the promotion and make sure your products are on track to dominating your categories. Then we continue to send you tips and tricks on how to crush the competition.

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What is a marketing blitz?

blitz campaign is a marketing strategy designed to promote a product or a business quickly through the use of mass media; it is also called a “marketing blitz,” a “ time-based marketing campaign,” and “intensive marketing.”

Calling All Sellers

Feel like you are not doing great as a Seller? The marketplace can be a confusing and difficult place. With our expertise we help you navigate your seller account to help you sell more.

Get More Sales

We’ve made millions on Amazon and now with our expertise we are going to help you go from zero to hero with your seller central amazon account. Our services are proven and can’t be topped!

Sell On Amazon

You have nothing to lose! We offer a 100% risk-free trial with your amazon sellers login. Our seller web app will help you dominate your niche and avoid high seller’s fee to become a dominant merchant.


Seller Plans

Rookie Seller

Create One Campaign Per Week With Unlimited Codes

This will get your foot in the door. Get access to our huge database of Amazon buyers. Run one campaign per week with unlimited codes.

Veteran Seller

Create Five Campaigns Per Week With Unlimited Codes

This will help you up your game. Get access to our huge database of Amazon buyers. Run five campaigns per week with unlimited codes.

All Star Seller

Create Unlimited Campaigns And Offer Unlimited Codes

You mean business! Get access to our huge database of Amazon buyers. Create unlimited campaigns and offer unlimited codes

Shopper Plans

Free Shopper

Get Products For As Much As 50% Off

Get access to discounts of up to 50% off. Want more? Look at our paid plans.

Verified Shopper

Get Products For As Much As 90% Off

We use the one-time charge to verify your address and identity to give you access to greater discounts.

Pro Shopper

Get Products For As Much As 100% Off

Get access to the top deals and the highest discounts. This package lets you get items for up to 100% off!

The Essential Amazon Sales App

Amazon is a powerful tool to make a lot of money, but you’re going to need expert help to see a serious Amazon sales increase. We help you navigate and manage your amazon seller central account. You don’t need to master Amazon advertising because we have the expertise to do it for you. Our Amazon ranking service will get you more Amazon Sales!

We’ve created an web app with a single, simple goal – to improve Amazon sales. It’s easy to use, and because Amazon sales experts designed it, it’s going to get you the results you’re looking for.

Best of all, there’s a package that’s free – for life. Compare us to services like teikametrics, zonblast, amztracker, sellerlabs, snagshout, jumpsend, viral-launch or even jungle scout, and you will see the advantage of a complete Amazon seo and successful product launch and sales boosting solution.

The Ultimate Amazon Sales Tool

AmzBlitz uses a simple approach to give Amazon sellers help and guidance that drives sales.

The 3-step process works like this:

  1. Optimize: We explore your competition and work out how to boost your rank.
  2. Promote: We give you promotions that are proven to boost Amazon sales.
  3. Sustain: We’ll guide you to maintaining your position of sales dominance.

Enjoy Expert Advice

Amazon can be a daunting place to do business, and even the most experienced Amazon seller might not know how best to get their products noticed. With our help you will get more organic sales on Amazon. Our complete solution tackles Amazon SEO, PPC (Amazon sponsored ads), AMS, Vender Express, And Vendor Central. You won’t need tools like an amazon repricer or keyword tool because we manage everything. When you ask “how do i become an amazon seller”? You will know to come to AmzBlitz for the best help with your seller central accont!

AmzBlitz is the brainchild of expert 7 figure Amazon sellers who have brought all their skills and knowledge to give you an app that is proven to boost Amazon sales.

Finally – Amazon Seller Help

Amazon seems easy to use, and it is, but if you are planning to use it as your main sales channel, you’re going to need help. Why not let us manage your product title, bullet points, description, and back end keywords. Then we’ll set up a winning amazon PPC campaign. Then we’ll manage a marketing promotion with amazon discount codes. There is no requirement to review amazon products purchased on AmzBlitz.

Much like Google, Amazon ranks listings according to quality and relevance. Understanding the way these rankings are calculated is the key to making sure that you optimize sales. Our Amazon selling software can’t be beat!

Once we guide you in optimizing your listings, you will find that it’s simple to not only drive traffic, but boost demand for your product.But it doesn’t end there. We’ll keep in touch to ensure that the app has a long-lasting – profitable – effect on your business.

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