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Tired of Spending Long Hours Sifting Through Reports And Wasting Money On Amazon Ad Spend?

FINALLY. Everything You Need To Optimize Your Amazon PPC Sponsored Ad Campaigns In Minutes!

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Search Term Expansion

Quickly discover the exact customer search terms that generate MORE PROFITS for your business. Turn customer search terms new Amazon PPC campaigns in minutes and expand your reach!

Superior Optimization

Discover your most PROFITABLE and POPULAR individual words and add them to your backend listing giving you greater exposure, all with the click of a button.

Campaign Optimization

Optimize your Amazon PPC campaigns in MINUTES not hours! Know the exact keywords, search terms and INDIVIDUAL WORDS that are draining your bank account. Put profits back into your pocket!

Features are designed to help

you become part of the Elite group of Amazon sellers who are crushing their competition and finally realizing their dreams for personal and financial freedom.

The Clarity You Desire… The Insights You Need

Our Entourage Series are designed to give users important insights for success as an Amazon seller, as well as step-by-step instructions on how to use the system to reduce costs and gain your maximum ROI in your Amazon PPC campaigns.

PPC Entourage will help any Amazon seller to make more money, but do it in a way that is fast, simple and easy to understand, creating a significant competitive edge.

Upon Login, You Will Know…

  • Your Gross Revenues
  • Your Net Revenues
  • Your Ad Spend
  • Your ACoS percentage
  • Your Profits
  • Number of Impressions

Add accounts in United States, United Kingdom, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Canada, India and Mexico.

Find the most popular foreign language keywords and search terms and EXPAND QUICKLY!

Discover Amazon keywords that are EATING AWAY at your campaign budget. You will be SHOCKED by some of them!

We’ll show you the exact steps on how to eliminate needless ad spend in minutes, POTENTIALLY SAVING THOUSANDS

PPC Entourage

Revolutionizes Amazon PPC

PPC Entourage Delivers…

  • If you are looking to launch a new product Amazon PPC campaign
  • If you want to optimize an existing Amazon PPC campaign
  • If you no longer want to operate your Amazon PPC campaigns from the Guess Zone
  • If you want to scale up quickly while minimizing your Ad Spend

Quickly determine profitable vs. non-profitable keywords using our Keyword Optimization tool

Quickly determine your ACoS and profit margins using our Profit Zone technology

Mind-blowing…seriously, I tried to do these things manually, I hate it! It’s taking up hours of my day. This is really mind-blowing that everything is done for me.

PPC Entourage will be able to track your profits month- after-month for each SKU.

You will know…

  • If your profit margins are increasing, or decreasing
  • If the Impressions for a particular campaign are increasing or decreasing
  • What your Ad Spend is versus profit


How is PPC Entourage different from any of those other PPC platforms that help Amazon sellers to optimize their PPC campaigns?

While other systems may provide mountains of data that you have to spend hour-after-hour trying to pull useful information from; only PPC Entourage quickly and easily allows Amazon sellers to get the crucial information that they need in order to optimize their PPC campaigns in minutes…at the click of a button!

What type of information will Amazon sellers who use PPC Entourage have access to that will help them to crush the competition in their niche?

Amazon sellers who use PPC Entourage will know:

  1. Their most profitable keywords
  2. Their most profitable search terms
  3. The exact customer search terms that generate more profits per click
  4. Which SKU’s and Amazon keywords work best together
  5. The amount of profit their product is making for a given keyword over a period of time
  6. How a listing change impacts their conversions, impressions and profits
  7. What the non-profitable keywords are (reduce needless Ad spend),…AND SO MUCH MORE.

As Amazon sellers, we’ve tried other platforms and found the majority of them to be complicated and time-consuming. How hard is PPC Entourage to use?

PPC Entourage was created by real Amazon sellers who not only wanted a system that helped them to optimize their campaigns quickly, but was also simple to use. They had tried some of those other systems and were also frustrated and discouraged by the difficulty they encountered in just figuring out how to get the information they need in order to optimize their campaigns.

That’s why they created PPC Entourage. But they also went the extra mile…

PPC Entourage comes with a wealth of information; (step-by-step Blueprints, an insightful Notebooks series and a specially created Video series) designed to give every user of the system the ultimate user- friendly experience. And should there be any additional questions, they can be answered through the PPC Entourage VIP Community (https://ppcentourage.forumbee.com/).

How can I get and start using PPC Entourage to discover how I can stop wasting money on needless Ad spend and optimize all of my PPC campaigns in minutes?

PPC Entourage