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Powerful Features for Success

All you need to scale your Amazon Business — integrated in one tool


Who Uses Sellics


Everything you need to grow your Amazon business

Stop jumping around between Seller Central, Excel and different Amazon tools. Grow your entire business with just one easy-to-use solution.


Optimize rankings, manage product reviews and monitor resellers

As a vendor, your brand is what matters most to you. Sellics helps you to increase the visibility of your brand, stay on top of your customer feedback and maintain control over reseller prices.

Private Label Starter

Find profitable products to start your Amazon business

Starting an Amazon private label business? The first and most important step is to find a product with high demand and low competition. Sellics is the easiest way to find profitable products to private label.


The easiest way to manage your client’s Amazon accounts

Sellics lets you automate your reporting, optimizations and analysis for each client, allowing you to maintain a clear overview of several accounts at once.


Sales and Profit

Finally know how much actual profit you generate on Amazon! Connect your Seller Central account and get LIVE sales data, costs, profits, impressions & conversion rates for all your products.

Profit Dashboard

Finally see how much actual profit you make on Amazon – in real-time!

Fully-automated and seaminglessly integrated with Seller Central: the Profit Dashboard shows you how much profit you generate after deducting all costs (Amazon fees, PPC costs, promos, product landed costs). The data is updated in real time throughout the day.

Product Research

Ready to expand? Find the most profitable products for your Amazon private label business in just a few clicks.

Get exclusive access to the comprehensive Sellics product database that includes the top 5,000 best-selling products on Amazon.com in each product category. Filter for estimated sales, sales rank, weight, number of reviews and a lot more to quickly find thousands of profitable products matching your winning criteria.

Ranking Optimization

Improve the keyword rankings of your products for all relevant keywords and boost your sales.

Track, optimize and master your Amazon keyword rankings. See how you can improve by benchmarking your product against top-ranking competitors. Test different optimization strategies and measure the impact of each strategy on your sales with easy-to-use A/B testing.

PPC Manager

Optimize campaigns for sponsored products with the only fully-integrated Amazon Ad Manager on the market.

More profit now: Finally minimize your cost of sale and maximize the revenue of your sponsored products campaigns. Sellics offers the first and only PPC Manager that does not require any manual upload due to its full integration with Seller Central. Managing and optimizing ad campaigns has never been easier.

Inventory Control

Never run out of stock again and know exactly when to place a reorder.

Know when you’ll run out of stock based on recent sales velocity. Specify lead time for each product and receive alerts about low inventory at the right time. This way you will never jeopardize your success on Amazon.com.

Competitor Monitoring

Always one step ahead – identify competitors, track their actual sales volume and follow every move they make.

Identify your top-ranking competitors and find out where they outperform you! Track the actual sales volume of your competitors’ products and get notified of changes in prices, images, keywords, texts.

Review Management

Make your customers happy and react to negative reviews instantly.

Get notified instantly of every new product review you receive on Amazon. Prioritize your reviews by the damage they can cause to your average rating and comment directly on reviews within Sellics.


Constant innovation

Amazon is always evolving – so are we. We are constantly working on new features that will allow you to become more successful every day.


Security and Privacy

Your data security and privacy is very important to us! We are aware of the responsibility that comes along with handling your data and take considerable efforts to meet the highest requirements.


Worldclass Support

While we strive to make our software as easy as possible to use, we will always be available through our live chat to resolve any issues that may occur.