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The Ultimate Accelerator of Next-Generation Omnichannel Businesses

Trusted by more top sellers than any other platform on earth, Skubana acts as the central nervous system of your operations. It unifies all the tools you need to run your business, automates all the repetitive tasks, and even thinks for you about profitability, forecasting, and demand planning. On top of it all, it allows for unlimited extension of possibilities through an App store ecosystem.


  • Comprehensive OMS that offers in-house shipping, cross-docking, dropship/3PL routing, and Amazon multi-channel fulfillment.
  • Unprecedented multi-channel inventory visibility and control of all warehouses, 3PLs, dropshippers and Amazon distribution centers.
  • World-class enterprise resource planning and demand forecasting across all fulfillment sources, including FBA logistics.


  • Algorithmic fulfillment through powerful rules engines that optimize shipping, reduce costs, and personalize customer experience.
  • Fully auto-generated purchase orders based on sales velocity, lead times, and seasonality for each and every product.
  • Dynamic overselling protection mechanisms that increase customer satisfaction and prevent marketplace suspension.


  • True SKU-level profitability reports that account for all costs, from Amazon settlement reports, to FIFO values, to overhead expenses.
  • Continuous alerts that show where costs can be cut and how profits can be gained for each SKU.
  • The only predictive analytics in e-commerce that reveal trends and show what will happen before it actually happens.


  • Modern and fully-open REST API allows for unlimited customization of the base platform.
  • Full-fledged App Store ecosystem offers pluggable and ready-to-go apps to extend functionality.
  • Large partner network of hundreds of developers and agencies ready to take your operations to the next level!

Best In Breed and a Brand New Breed

Often imitated but never duplicated, Skubana stands in a class of its own with unmatched capabilities and unrivaled performance. Our platform was designed exclusively for high-volume merchants by the world’s top sellers and industry minds, so you don’t have to settle for anything less.

  • Designed exclusively by Amazon Top 250 sellers and Shopify Plus largest merchants.

  • Built with enterprise-grade technology for sellers that process thousands of orders per day.

  • Backed by the greatest minds in e-commerce, from Prosper Show to Bam Ventures.


Avg. Customer Growth

Harness the most advanced business intelligence tools in e-commerce that reveal what will happen BEFORE it happens.

Avg. Customer Growth

Harness the most advanced business intelligence tools in e-commerce that reveal what will happen BEFORE it happens.

Marketplace Expansion

Seamlessly scale across all major shopping carts and marketplaces with confidence and minimal effort using Skubana.


  • Orders
  • Purchase Orders
  • EDI Integrations




  • Understanding the Dashboard
  • Order Aging by Warehouse
  • Fulfillment Performance
  • Incoming Stock
  • Stock Requiring Attention

Hamburger Menu

  • Your Profile Page
  • SKU Alerts
  • Logging Off from Skubana



  • Unresolved Orders
  • Awaiting Payment
  • Awaiting Shipment
  • Awaiting 3PL Export
  • Awaiting MC Fulfillment
  • Pending Fulfillment


  • [HOW-TO] Resolve an order in missing product information status
  • Importing External Shipments
  • Multi-Channel Fulfill a Core Product in a Bundle
  • Ship Multiple-Package Orders
  • Amazon MCF an order
  • Ship Orders


  • How do you automatically compute an order's weight?
  • How can I print or save a copy of a packing slip?
  • How can I print or save a copy of a pick list?
  • How do I resolve an order with missing product information?
  • How do I resolve an order that is out of stock?
  • How do I resolve an unresolved order with an orderbot conflict?



  • Importing Inventory
  • Searching Inventory
  • Manually Transferring Stock to Another Location
  • Manually Adding to a Product's Stock
  • Manually Adding Warehouse Minimum Inventory Levels
  • Excluding a Warehouse from Showing Stock for all Products in Bulk


  • Can we feed inventory details from our system to Skubana?
  • How do I keep stock of the packaging I used for my products?
  • How do I disable my inventory from being pushed to a sales channel?
  • How do I manually transfer stock from one pick location to another?
  • What is ‘locked’ inventory?
  • How do I manually add stock to an item?

Purchase Orders


  • [HOW-TO] Export your Purchase orders
  • Creating Purchase Orders
  • Creating Milestones for PO Tracking Purposes
  • Searching for POs


  • What is landed cost?
  • How can I delete a line item from a purchase order?
  • How do I create a PO?
  • Can I change the starting number of my POs?
  • How are POs automatically generated?
  • How do we create milestones for our POs? Can we set them automatically?



  • Shipping via UPS SurePost
  • Printing Shipping Labels
  • Shipping Orders
  • Searching for Shipments


  • Can I have additional order information populated on my Shipping label?
  • Where can I print my international UPS customs invoice?
  • How do I resend tracking notification emails?
  • Do you support UPS Ground with Freight Pricing?
  • How do I print an End of Day form or Package Level Detail report for UPS shipments?
  • How do I bulk mark items as shipped?



  • Searching for Customers


  • Is there a report that can give us customers' phone numbers based on their purchases?



  • What are Master SKUs?
  • Master SKU vs. Listing SKU
  • Product Types


  • [HOW-TO] Deactivate products in Skubana.
  • [HOW-TO] Change My Master SKU'S
  • Adding Products to Skubana
  • Creating Product Bundles and Kits
  • Building Product Catalogs from Sales Channels
  • Preparing a Product Import Spreadsheet


  • I accidentally linked the wrong listing SKU to a product. How do I correct this?
  • Are product image URLs static or are they scraped every time?
  • What does NO for push inventory mean?
  • How does Skubana handle variations of the same product?
  • Will deleting products from a sales channel, e.g. Shopify, have any impact on our data?
  • How do I bulk add listing SKUs to a manual sales channel?


  • Add Vendor Product Information in the System
  • Add Vendor Product Information in the System in Bulk



  • The Analytics Module's Landing Page
  • Opportunities Found by Skubana
  • Money Saved Using Skubana


  • Top Sellers
  • Worst Sellers
  • Y-O-Y Growth
  • SKU Profitability
  • Listing Profitability
  • Trending Profitability


  • Snapshot Value
  • Trending Value
  • Performance
  • Critical Levels
  • Inventory Replenishment Alerts


  • Sales Summary
  • COGS By Channel
  • Inventory Value


  • Lifetime Value
  • Biggest Spenders
  • Most Frequent
  • Most Recent


  • Sales Overview
  • Biggest Tickets
  • Shipments

General Questions

  • Printing Charts
  • Do you have a report showing all items produced/fulfilled weekly?
  • What is the order by which COGS is calculated in Skubana?
  • Exporting Reports
  • Do you have a report showing how a product is doing, regardless of channel?
  • How is Inventory Value calculated in Skubana?


Most Frequently Used Orderbots

  • How to assign a shipping provider/service level to an order based on the requested shipping service level from the channel.
  • How to send an order that is out of stock at one warehouse to another.
  • How to assign a sales channel to multichannel fulfill orders
  • How to assign a sales channel to fulfill orders from a specific warehouse

My Profile

  • How can I change my login email address?
  • [FAQ] How do I change my password?


  • [FAQ] Can I print a shipping label for an in house warehouse that is not in the U.S.?
  • [HOW-TO] Change My Warehouses Address/Return address
  • [HOW-TO] Warehouse Setup
  • [HOW-TO] Deactivating Warehouses
  • [HOW-TO] To Set Up Shipping Labels
  • [HOW-TO] To Set Up Packing Slips

Sales Channels

  • [HOW TO] Set up Shopify Webhooks with Skubana
  • [HOW-TO] Disable a Skubana Shipping Confirmation Email from being sent out to your customers.
  • [HOW-TO] Assign a Packing Slip or Email Template to your Sales Channel
  • [HOW-TO] Adding Sales Channels
  • [HOW-TO] Editing Sales Channels
  • [HOW-TO] Deactivating Sales Channels

Shipping Providers

  • [FAQ] Can I have multiple accounts of the same shipping provider in Skubana?
  • [HOW-TO] Adding Shipping Providers
  • [HOW-TO] Deactivating Shipping Providers
  • [HOW-TO] Integrate with Amazon Services
  • [HOW-TO] Integrate Express 1
  • [HOW-TO] Integrate DHL eCommerce


  • [HOW-TO] Set Up a Dropshipper
  • [FAQ] Can we bulk import in vendors?
  • [HOW-TO] Adding Vendors
  • [FAQ] Can we export our vendor information?
  • [HOW-TO] Search for Vendors


  • [HOW-TO] Creating an Orderbot
  • [HOW-TO] Editing an Orderbot
  • [HOW-TO] Deactivating an Orderbot
  • [HOW-TO] Reactivating an Orderbot
  • [FAQ] What are orderbots?
  • [FAQ] Are orderbots AND or OR statements?

Email Templates

  • [HOW-TO] Assign an Email Template to a Sales Channel
  • How To disable Skubana Email notifications to customers.
  • [HOW-TO] Adding Email Templates

Packing Slip Templates

  • [HOW-TO] Assign a Packing Slip Template to a Sales Channel
  • [HOW-TO] Adding Packing Slip Templates

User Administration

  • Adding New Users
  • [FAQ] How do I add another user to my account?
  • [HOW-TO] User Administration

Skubana Apps

  • How do I connect my Skubana account to Zapier?
  • [HOW-TO] Remove a Skubana App
  • [HOW-TO] Install a Skubana App

Company Info

  • [FAQ] How do I update my company's information?

Billing Info

  • [HOW-TO] Add Billing Information
  • [FAQ] How many users can I add to my account?
  • [FAQ] What is your refund policy?
  • [FAQ] How do I cancel my account?
  • [FAQ] How can we reactivate our account?

Skubana Invoices

  • [HOW-TO] Use Skubana Invoices