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One of the best features of Snagshout is the ability to implement a “Daily Limit” on any campaign. Consistent sales are taken heavily into account for a product’s search ranking within Amazon’s algorithms. Using the Daily Limit feature is a tool that will increase conversions and help products rank higher in search.

To make the Daily Limit feature effective, you should always keep your competition in mind. For example, if your number one competitor is doing 50 sales per day, a daily limit with consistent sales of 5 or more will not get you ranked above them. You need to understand what your organic sales are likely going to be then adjust your daily limit on Snagshout to increase your overall sales with promotion sales. See how Patrick from the $25k Challenge is using a similar strategy.

Using a daily limit with our system can also help you manage your inventory. Some companies release 100 products or more in a day and sell out consistently. While other companies are comfortable releasing just 5 products for sale per day. Just remember that keeping a consistent daily limit is a sound tactic for safe inventory control.

You should also consider your overall business goals when determining the best daily limit quantity. Let’s say your goal for the month is to achieve 20 sales per day with organic and promotional sales (Snagshout, Facebook, etc). Organically, you may only make 12 sales per day. But by using the Daily Limit feature with your promotion, you can adjust your daily limit to make 8 more sales to reach your goal. Having a mix of both organic and promotional sales will help you snag that top search position away from your competitor.

Be aware there are some drawbacks to using daily limits. This is mostly for shoppers on Snagshout, but we’d like you to understand their point of view as well. As our system currently stands, your product is removed from the site once it has reached the daily limit. So let’s say Sally tells her friend Jane about this great deal she got from Snagshout. But when Jane goes to the link Sally shared with her on Facebook, she might be disappointed when she gets to the page and it says “The daily limit has been reached.”

Don’t think this means you have to implement a daily limit on all of your campaigns. We’re only presenting you with an idea for a “Flash Sale” to supplement your organic sales. The advantage of Snagshout is with how flexible the program is. Feel free to adjust the program to fit your needs. Try a daily limit of 15 items for a few days, then lower it to 5 if you’d like. See what works and remember to watch what your competition is doing so you have a target to aim at.

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