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Accurate Buyer-Reviewer Matching

Buyer-Review Matching

Efficient Era gives you the tools to effectively process and respond to positive and negative reviews alike. Two key features of our review tool are the ability to precisely and accurately match reviews to orders from buyers, and the ability to get notifications via the dashboard or via email.

Unlike brick-and-mortar stores that do not give buyers an easy way of knowing what other customers thought of a product they see on the shelf, Amazon does. Product reviews are such a critical factor in growing a successful Amazon business. While negative reviews can really hurt sales, positive reviews can get the flywheel spinning in your favor.

Buyer-Reviewer Matching

Responding to negative reviews has never been easier. Efficient Era automatically matches reviews to Amazon orders so you can reach out to your customers and address their problems quickly and effectively. There is no guesswork based on names, wish lists or approximate matches to external direct mailing databases. Each review associated with a verified purchase made on Amazon links you to the order. Clicking on any order takes you straight to the Order Details page for that customer. The image below shows how you can then connect to that specific buyer via Amazon's Buyer Seller Messaging Service. Never has buyer reviewer matching been so accurate and so easy!

Email Automation for Amazon Sellers

Amazon Email Automation

With Efficient Era's Email Automation system, you can set up Follow-Up Email Campaigns that get triggered based on events such when an order was placed, shipped or delivered, including any delays you specify. Weave placeholders into your message to dynamically address the buyer by name, refer to the product they bought and even add a link to the product review page. Format with our rich text editor or modify the HTML code.

Customizable Email Themes

Efficient Era offers takes advantage of Amazon's Buyer Seller Messaging System to send out follow-up emails. Our email themes are completely customizable. You could choose between plain text format, simple layout or customize the HTML templates as you like. If you are a beginner we recommend picking a pre-created theme which is attached to a campaign by default. If you are designing your own themes use the Theme Designer to specify the text and images that automatically get added to the headers and footers of a campaign. For example, you might want to add company specific signatures or logos. Themes can be created separately for each geography in multiple languages to serve multiple geographies.

We provide you another layer of flexibility through Text Placeholders (see image below). Weave in text placeholders into your message to allow for dynamic and automated replacement text on the fly.

Listing Hijack and Other Alerts

Listing Hijack Alerts

As a business owner, you know you need to keep track of every event that could potentially threaten the health of your business. How does one stay on top of everything that really matters? While Amazon provides a lot of data to sellers, they don’t necessarily inform you about important changes and trends that can impact the fate of your products. Listing overrides, silent suspensions and BuyBox losses are common issues that keep sellers on their toes. That's why at Efficient Era, we provide email based alerts so you can let the software do the watching and informing.

Here is a list of our current and upcoming alert categories:

  • Listing Hijack Alerts
  • Product Review Alerts
  • Seller Feedback Alerts
  • Sales Alerts
  • Inventory Alerts
  • Ad Performance Alerts(Coming Soon!)
  • Silently suspended listings(Coming Soon!)
  • Listing Optimization Alerts(Coming Soon!)

Seller Feedback Alerts and Automation

Amazon Seller Feedback

Amazon’s measure of why a customer should buy from you, specifically, is seller rating. Your seller rating is the average rating you’ve received in all seller feedback, out of 5 stars.

Inventory Health Charts with Event Annotations

We all know that data is the key to success in many industries — Amazon selling is no exception. Amazon provides sellers with an overwhelming amount of data to sellers! Not all of it is easy to navigate or visualize. With Efficient Era, your data becomes more contextual and actionable than ever.

Amazon Sales Charts

Monitor Your Performance

View general sales trends to get an idea of your overall success, or narrow down your focus to track how individual products are performing. Our dashboard gives you a convenient aggregated view of all your sales across all SKUs. You can chose to view your 7-day, 30-day or 90-day performance at a glance. What's more, if you are selling in the UK, you can see your performance in both Amazon.com as well as Amazon.co.uk in a single chart! From there you can narrow down to product specific sales charts.

Ad Analysis: Amazon Sponsored Products

Amazon Sponsored Products Ad Analysis

How do you gauge the profitability of your Amazon Sponsored Products Ad campaigns? How many impressions does it take to make an advertised SKU sell? How is your CTR? What about conversions? Efficient Era's historical Ad Reports provide product level drill down insights, helping you see where your Ad spending is working and where to cut back.

VAT Invoice Automation

VAT Invoice Automation

Expanding your market overseas is a great step towards growing your business, but the ramifications can be daunting. Selling globally requires a lot of extra steps. One such step is Value Added Tax (VAT). To understand the basics of VAT, check out our introductory guide to VAT for Amazon sellers.

Sending VAT invoices is necessary for any international sales to countries where a VAT is collected instead of a sales tax. We at Efficient Era have created a tool to ease the process of creating and sending VAT invoices to customers. Our VAT Tool is a web form that can be sent as a link to any VAT-registered customer that requests an invoice. All they have to do is submit their information — the tool will do the rest and automatically send them a complete VAT invoice!

Our VAT Automation tool pulls data directly from Amazon’s API based on the Amazon Order ID to automatically create the invoice using accurate data regarding the sale, including pricing, SKU, tax (of course) and all other important information. It then sends the invoice to the customer within seconds and without requiring any additional action by the seller.

Keyword Analytics

With the ever changing Amazon SERP algorithm, it’s important for sellers to know exactly which keywords they are ranking for. Our Keyword Ranking tool allows you to provide a keyword list and then monitor your performance against that list over time. This can be a very powerful input to refining your listing and running PPC campaigns. ..Undergoing upgrades!


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