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If you have been selling your products within Amazon or in the Kindle Store, then you already know how valuable a keyword rank tracker will be. Keyword Rank Tracking is user friendly tool that will show daily rankings for your products for any keywords you choose With this all-encompassing SEO tool for Amazon and Kindle sellers, you will know which keywords are generating traffic for your product and where you are ranking for each of them.

  • Track
  • Analyze
  • Optimize
  • Sell


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This tool is amazing profit finder. Bypass the competition and have an ability to look beyond the top 100 in every category. Find potential products that you cannot find anywhere else. Filter your search results with rank, sales price, reviews and more filters. At the same time, our system will search through hundreds of stores for best price for you, making Online Arbitrage as easy as it gets. Stop digging manually. Find a sweet spot in just a few clicks and let this app be a game changer for you and your business.

  • Top 30.000 products
  • In every category
  • A lot of filters
  • Updated daily





Track on Actual Sales Volume for Any Product on Amazon. Whether sourcing a new product or spying on a competitor, our accurate inventory tracking tool provides you with available inventory, daily sales, total revenue and more. This will then allow you to see which types of products you should be investing in and which of your competitors is getting it right and should be emulated!

  • Find hot new products
  • Track your inventor
  • Spy on a competitor
  • Real sales volume data



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THREE TIMES as many buyers search for products to buy on Amazon, rather than Google. So you need to optimize your Amazon listings for site’s search algorithms in just the same way that you might optimize for Google. As a seller on Amazon, You need to have a genie in the bottle called the “On Page Analyzer”, which offers concrete tips on how to better move your inventory. Even if you think you’ve got a complete page but aren’t sure why it’s not attracting buyers, the “On page analyzer” will point out things you might have missed, like incomplete product descriptions, a lack of features, missing images and many, many more.

  • Comprehensive
  • Accurate
  • Fast




70% of consumers look at product reviews before making a purchase. Be notified instantly when you receive a negative review so you can reach out to the buyer, deal with their complaint, and get it removed. Get noticed. Don’t delay. Start boosting your product ratings today.

  • Get noticed
  • Don’t delay
  • Contact buyer
  • Remove negative review



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Easily improve your keyword rankings. It has been determined that your listing will receive a boost in rankings when someone first types your keywords into the Amazon search bar and then scrolls through the results and then clicks on your product and buys it. The SUPER URL mimics this process, making it appear to Amazon as if the customer searched for your keyword. Generate them on-demand with a single click. So, You do not want to miss out on this next level rank boosting tool.

  • Generate links
  • Boost rank





If You do not want to visit web site all the time, or You want to share information’s with your clients, You can generate simple periodic email reports. Let the informations get to You and your client without any effort, in professional way.





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      No meter if You use this tool to make auto suggestions for your product, or you want to do manual research of keywords, this tool is going to make it so easy and fast, you wished you had it long ago.