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Software To Skyrocket Your Amazon Sales

  • Simple keyword rank tracking
  • Spy on competitors sales
  • Tools to improve rankings
  • plus a LOT more!
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Amazon Keyword Rank Tracking

AMZ Tracker is the first Amazon keyword rank tracker in existence. Easily monitor where your products rank for important keywords.

The Amazon search engine is a treasure chest of customers wanting to give you more money. With this tool, you’ll gain crucial insight in to your keyword rankings in order to optimize your listings and grow sales.

Easily Track Your Competitor’s Actual Sales Volume

This isn’t just a simple sales rank tracker. No No. With our sales tracking spy tool you get to easily see exactly how much your competitors are selling. Daily sales, total revenue, available inventory and much more.

Never enter a market blind again!

Quickly Improve Keyword Rankings With Our Simple To Use Amazon SEO Tool

We created a special SEO tool for Amazon that allows you to easily improve your keyword rankings. If you’re familiar with the Amazon “Super URL”, this is the next level on rocket fuel. If you’re sending traffic to an Amazon page, this is a game changer.

Whatever your situation, you’re not going to want to miss out on this next level rank boosting tool.

Easily Optimize Your Product Listings With Our On Page Analyzer

The On Page Analyzer shows you exactly what you can do to improve your product listings to rank higher in the Amazon search engine.

You can also use this to dominate new niches that have high sales but poorly optimized products.

Negative Review Notifications

Positive reviews of your products is the leading factor in sales conversions. Stay on top of poor reviews with our Negative Review Notifications.

By easily seeing updated negative reviews you can contact buyers to rectify the problems and have low reviews removed.

And a LOT more…

  • In depth keyword research tool
  • Easily customized email reports
  • Works for both Amazon & Kindle
  • Instantly see changes in your niche
  • And a boat load of truly amazing features coming soon

AMZ Tracker FAQ

Does it track Kindle books and Android Apps?

Like A Pro.

How far down in the rankings do you look for my products?

We search the top 19 pages of Amazon. This is equivalent to the top 300 products.

How many products can I have on my account?

You can have as many products as you like on your account. However, the keywords associated with the products is limited by your subscription level.

Do you track parent/child products?

Yes. If you add a parent product to AMZ Tracker, all the child products (or variations) are automatically tracked too.


How often are the rankings updated?

Keyword rankings are updated twice a day. Sales Ranks are updated once a day.

How long do you keep historical data?

Ranking data is kept for one year. Sales tracking data is kept for one month.

How often can I change or update products and keywords on my account?

You are free to change your products and keywords as often as you like.

Can I upgrade/downgrade/cancel my subscription?

Yes. You can cancel or change your subscription at any time.

If you cancel within the 10 day trial you will not be charged.


AMZ Tracker