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Spyfy Product Research

SpyFy is a robust web app with a responsive interface so you can manage it on the fly from your mobile device.
Its database updates daily in real time so your searches always display the most current and relevant results.

Find the most popular physical products in your niche with SpyFy’s eCommerce module. . . add these products to your own stores & target with relevant interests from our FB Ad Tool . . . and find your ad campaigns in profit almost from the start
SpyFy’s eCommerce module comes with a pre-loaded database of 28k Shopify stores to spy on . . . search by global rank, traffic volume and traffic stats to hone in on items with the largest profit potential allowing you to scale up your own store’s offerings faster
Create huge return-on-investment from your ads by uncovering the products with the most appeal to your niche audiences
Sort the Amazon & Ebay platforms by top reviews to find the very best products your audience loves and trusts. . . which puts more jingle into your pocket at the end of the day
Save your searches to My Favorites for a closer look later (more on this feature soon) And more. . 

Get insights on your competition’s backlinks so you can steal them for yourself and outrank them before they even know what’s happened
Keyword Research Function - lets you find “low hanging fruit” you can easily rank for in the SERPs (the more long tail keywords you rank for, the more sales you’ll make)
Keyword Suggestions - the keyword suggestion feature finds latent semantic indexing suggestions to make your content more easily found by Google (for example, for “dog,” you’d get words returned back like “puppy, hound, cur” to use in addition to your main keyword

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$20,396.50/ Month Campaigns
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After all, there’s no easier or faster way to make it in business than to follow the lead of someone who’s already successful.
Why reinvent the wheel if someone else has already discovered what people want to buy. . . and how to sell it to them?
Smart marketers discover what’s working for others and scale it up. Period.
After all, there’s no point going out on a limb and investing time and money on your campaigns until you know for certain they’ll succeed. Pouring money into unproven marketing “hunches” is the fastest way to the poorhouse.
So how do YOU find out what’s already working
for others in YOUR niches?
Bad news: there are no short cuts to setting up MASSIVE campaigns with jaw-dropping ROI....

You’ve Gotta Research Like a PhD to Make it With Online Marketing These Days...
Most product top sellers won’t tell you this dirty little secret.
Their success isn’t in being the most original marketer in their niche. It comes from COPYING what the competition is doing right and putting their own spin on it.  The most successful marketers research like their financial lives DEPEND on it . . . because it DOES!
Top sellers spend hours-and-hours in DAILY research...they scope out social media for the hottest selling products every single day.
They’re checking out Facebook for viral ads.
Spend hours noting the hottest t-shirt designs on Pinterest and Instagram
They comb through the other guys’ eCommerce stores to find ‘perfect fit’ products for their own niche.
They’re always collecting data. Crunching numbers. Testing, testing, testing.
And they also rack up hefty monthly fees for the all the research tools they need to dominate their competition

q-iconIs SpyFy compatible with my Mac?
Because SpyFy is a web-based app, it is completely compatible with both Mac and PC operating systems. Because SpyFy is web-based, you can access it from anywhere you have an internet connection, even if you’re away from your own machine.
q-iconIs it ethical to copy other people’s campaigns?
We don’t want you to copy anyone’s campaign as is! We want you to study their ads, see what they’re doing right and put your own spin on them in your own campaigns. After all, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery… however, flattery will only get you so far if it ends up putting you in hot water with your competition…so use SpyFy to its fullest capabilities in a smart and thoughtful way.
q-iconI’m new to marketing...will SpyFy work for me too?
Absolutely! SpyFy is simple to use, and don’t worry. . . we’ll provide you with complete training so you can make the most of all of its stealth spy functions.
q-iconI’m an Amazon marketer. . . can SpyFy help me get more sales?
Yes it can! Use the eCommerce module of SpyFy to uncover the products with the best reviews and add these items to your Amazon stores. Watch your sales explode because your prospects trust products with the best reviews more than products without great reviews.
q-iconI’m a little nervous about purchasing SpyFy because I’ve never purchased anything from you before. What if it’s not what I expected?
No worries at all! We fully guarantee SpyFy for the first 30-days after purchase. In the unlikely event you’re dissatisfied in any way, simply contact our support desk and we’ll promptly issue a full refund.
q-iconI’m a new marketer. I understand how figuring out what successful people are doing and following suit can help make me more money...still, I’m worried whether or not I have the tech skills necessary to use SpyFy?
We designed SpyFy so anyone, regardless of their current level of tech skills, can use it to their full advantage. The interface is very intuitive and incorporates lots of drop down menus to make using SpyFy super easy. If you’re having any difficulty at all with the features, just contact our support desk for assistance. We’ll be more than happy to help you with the features.