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Problems with quantities received.

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I have a problem with the quantities that have been received in my latest shipment. It's only one book, but a pretty important one to me. I opened a case with FBA seller support. My explanation reads as follows -


+According to the quantities received, there are 2 copies of ********** (Title) in this shipment - I only sent 1 copy. It also says there is 0 copies of +++++++++ (Title). I distinctly remember sending this particular copy in this shipment. I am quite sure that one of the copies of ********** is actually +++++++++. I'm not sure if I mislabeled the book or if some other confusion happened. Should I have both books returned to me and resend them? What is the best way to sort out this problem?+

Can anyone tell what is likely to happen with my case and if there is a best way to handle the situation. I wouldn't bother but this is a very high priced item - at least for me - and I don't want to lose it. I was so careful when I packed this item. Wouldn't you know it would be this one that has a problem. View the reply combinola selected as correct

These kinds of mistakes happen all of the time. After the allotted period you can reconcile the discrepancy by opening a case with seller support. There is also a link to "reconcile" when you click on the "track shipment" button. They'll investigate by checking the bins at the warehouse and with me theyve always either fixed it, or refunded the missing units. You just need to wait a few days (2-4 dont remember) before you can reconcile a shipment.

Thanks. I assumed this would be a common problem, just new to me. I hadn't used the "reconcile" option. I have now. Thanks for the suggestion.