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Q: I'm selling LPs (vinyl); I want Amazon to package them for me and ship!

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Hi, I'm assuming this is an option but I can't seem to find discussion of it anywhere in the Amazon seller resources, etc.

1. I not only want Amazon to handle the transaction of each record I sell, I want them to calculate the shipping and package the LP and send it to the customer. Obviously, I'm cool with paying for these add-on services. I "know" this is possible because I've bought stuff from third-party sellers on Amazon and it came in Amazon packaging! Can anyone point me in the right direction?

2. Do I need to buy a UPC product scan code for each LP in my catalog? And apply them to the shrinkwrapped records before I send inventory to Amazon?

3. Thanks for any insights!

For vinyls, You need to package them up securely, (Make sure they are fool proof, and by fool proof i mean lazy amazon shipper who doesn't care about how well the item is packaged in its shipping box)

Once amazon receives your inventory, they will calculate a flat fee (lower if multiple items are ordered) to be charged to your account. This fee will not fluctuate no matter where the product is going. The rest of that is between amazon and the customer.

You only need to buy UPCs, if the current records do not have any. Once you have the product listing created, amazon will have automatically assigned the product an ASIN (This is amazons own code system that they use to identify products). Amazon usually always requires items to have a UPC, so if the item is old enough, or from a small corporation, it may not have a UPC and you will have to purchase your own UPC.

When you ship inventory to Amazon, it needs to have an ASIN sticker on it (You can also have them label your units for 20 cents each, but only if the product already has a scannable UPC/EAN. (This is the only way they can make sure that you sent the right product for the assigned ASIN)

Contact Seller Support and ask them how to get started with selling through Fulfillment By Amazon (FBA)

(Remember, if the original UPC is covered up by bubble wrap or a box, the ASIN sticker needs to be on it in order for amazon to be able to identify it.)

Once you get the hang of FBA, it is actually quite easy.

Good Luck!!

Right on, right on. Very helpful. Thank you for that.

Followup: something tells me there is an "ideal" number of records to try and include in an inventory shipment. Since it seems that an inventory shipment has to fit into one single box, is there any advice you can share about an ideal range or target for the number of records. Because the dimensions of the box you ultimately are going to shop via USPS seem to play a role ... what would you suggest? I was going to try and get away with 56 LPs on my first shipment. This is to maximize number while minimizing risk (either damage, or not meeting requirements somehow).

Also, I'll take any advice I can get on printing the labels. I don't need a UPC but I do need to label this first shipment according to Amazon FBA rep.

Hey, thanks again!