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Packaging lip balm and lipstick tubes

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I am ready to send my inventory to Amazon to give this FBA a try. My first item will be a small eye cream which is an airless pump which resembles a lipstick tube. Its dimensions are 3.75 inches tall by .75 inch wide. I plan on applying a heat shrink band twice. I have already tried this method of sealing the item and it passes the drop test as well as it has a very secure seal. My question is if this way of wrapping is acceptable? Or should it be in a box or a poly bag? I have also attached a test label between heat shrink seals with bar code info which is able to be scanned. I am a little nervous about sending this and my inventory becoming rejected. Should I send a couple of these items first to see if they approve? Please advise and thanks for reading my question.


Hey there Joszenna,

I have created a case for you so that an FBA associate can assist you further. If you have any questions you can ask them through the correspondence I created for you.

Thanks for checking out the forums.