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Where does the packing list go if I am shipping multiple boxes?

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I am shipping my first batch of boxes to Amazon FBA.
I have a rather large shipment headed to a certain facility and it will need to be distributed between multiple boxes.
If it was just one box- I'd put the packing list inside that one.
But with multiple boxes- do i need more than 1 packing list? Do I need to label the outside of the boxes so that they do not get separated?

Each box should have a packing slip and box label. When you get to the step of preparing the shipment designate how many boxes you are shipping.

The packing lists are all the same, within one shipment. Print out one copy for each box you ship to FBA, and put one in each box. Do not ever worry about which item goes into which box--it is the shipment that matters, not the placement in a particular box.

Your boxes are likely to be received on a random basis within an enormous warehouse. No one is in charge of, or likely to care, if your boxes are received together.

The outside labels on the boxes are a third form of identifying boxes, and are unnecessary if you have done the rest of the shipment correctly.