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I Placed UPC LABELS on my Item But AMAZON Claims " Barcode label missing"

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I Placed UPC LABELS on my Item But AMAZON Claims " Barcode label missing"

I have no Idea why I would get this message, I sent over 50 sku's and evreything is was fine, and I even sent th same Item 2 weeks ago, with the Same UPC Sticker, and all was fine

now they want to charge me for placing up labels, can I ask for a picture ? of the missing barcode?
can I know wha'ts wrong ? why do they say its missing a barcode when it has one ?

Anyone please help
FBA1C50JX0 Shipment

THanks Joseph

Please note that you are asking your question on the Amazon Seller forum, not directly to Amazon.

In addition to a UPC label, you must print out an Amazon FNSKU label to cover the UPC label so Amazon knows what the item is, and that it is yours. If you shipped anything without an Amazon FNSKU label (unless you are shipping new items that are commingled--not a great idea), you need to label everything before shipping it to Amazon.

(Note to self: Don't think I would like the job of FBA troubleshooter at an Amazon warehouse...)

The other two things to consider:

Some products have multiple bar codes. The extra bar codes (like ones on the side of the product, top, bottom... Anywhere) are usually there so that store and retail slide scanners will catch the bar code no matter what side it's facing.

Those same extra bar codes need to be covered with BLANK labels. You cover one with your own Amazon-generated bar code, and the rest of those extra you cover with your blanks. They told me that it is because their scanners will pick up the same bar code more than once and misread it. The error they give is the same one you described.

Fba shipments require you to COVER the barcode with the FNSKU label Amazon requires, unless you are doing commingled. And even if you are, some items STILL require stickering. Sounds like you forgot the FNSKU labels.

I did not forget any stickering, all 49 items were good, besides this one ?
sounds ironic