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What Shipping Labels are approved by Amazon?

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I hear amazon is really picky about the shipping labels and packing slips. Where can I get "Amazon approved" Shipping labels and packing slips?

Search the forum for FBA labels....and it will depend on the printer you use

I print my FBA UPS Labels on 8.5"x11" paper, cut them out, and tape entirely across them on the box, using my 2" clear packing tape.

My internal Packing Slip is printed on a full sheet of copy paper, as well.

Never had a problem. As long as they can scan the Shipment ID barcode when it arrives.

I also print my USPS Shipping Labels, and tape this way.

The tape is clear, so it's easily scannable by ANY barcode scanner, and the tape somewhat protects the ink smearing (should the package get wet.)

Been doing it this way for years. No issues.


thanks for that info RollTideRool!