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Preparing First FBA Boxes- So Confused!

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I am preparing boxes to ship. I thought I would

1. prepare a box of books
2. print label
3. ship

So I have preare the first box with 2 titles for a total of 18 books (3 of one and 15 of the other). When I try to make a shi[pment Amazon wants me to send to FIVE places???

PHX6 Phoenix, A
CHA1Chattanooga, TN
PHL7Middletown, DE

Did I completly misunderstand? Should I instead
1. Add every book to FBA inventory
2. Find out whwere Amazon wants books to go
3. Pack books
4. Ship to different locations

Can't I send all to one?

Maybe it is a left brain thing but the Learning Curve for FBA is enormous for me

Yes, that is the way it works now. Before, Amazon would handle most of the redistribution themselves. Now, unless you are sending large quantities, say 50+ units, the seller sends the units to the most economical location that minimizes Amazon's shipping cost to the buyer.

There is another option, though. You can update your FBA settings (Settings > FBA Settings) so that all units of a SKU go to a single location. In your case, that would be 1 or 2 locations as you have 2 unique SKUs. Amazon charges a convenience fee per unit. To make matters worse, you have no control over the location the SKU is sent to. So, in addition to paying a high per unit convenience fee, you may end up paying more in shipping if the single location is on the other side of the country from where you live.

Unless you only plan to use FBA once or twice, it is almost always going to be more economical to use the standard FBA shipping process.