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Recommended Packaging for Exposed Items

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I'm looking for suggestions on plastic sheeting/packaging for items that have the opportunity to collect dust in the warehouses. So far U-Line Plastic Sheeting plus tape seems to be the way to go. Any better options out there?


plastic/tape, bubble wrap, shrink wrap - we use all those depending on the product

shrink wrap can be time consuming for one-off products, but if you get a production line to do in bulk, it moves rather quickly


You didn't mention the size of the items that you are trying to protect from dust in FBA warehouses.

I have used poly bags and bubble wrap for some of my items, which are normally not too large, that aren't protected by factory sealed shrink wrap or are somewhat fragile.


Thanks for the replies. I reviewed my options and decided to go with the Amazon prep option. The item is big, 25x16x15, therefore it qualifies as Oversize, meaning the Prep-cost is $1.00 per unit. Based on the fact that Amazon says it has to be in a sealed bag, I'm going with the prep option.

Will let everyone know how it turns out.