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Amazon Shipment Beta SUCKS

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Anybody else feel the new beta version of shipment creation sucks. The layout is way to busy and the work flow is not working for me.

Anybody have positive feedback on this?

Why would anyone bother to use a Beta version of ANYTHING if it would risk their business?

I hated it a first. Now I like it better.

No issues with it here ..... sorry.

Of note ... I don't worry about marking anything as shipped either and add items to the shipment by file upload.

The key feature is the "Plan". The idea is you continuously add inventory into the plan like a queue. Once you are ready to ship, you execute the plan and the shipments are created. In the old system, there was no queue. Once you created the shipments using the old version, there was no way of knowing which items and/or how many units were in the shipments.

There are some things I don't like, such as the way items in a shipment are displayed. It is much more difficult to copy the items for use in a spreadsheet, for example. Overall, though, I like it better simply because of the "Plan" function.

Still hating the new workflow. I seriously hope there's an option to stick with the old one when they finally make the new one the default.

yes, this sums it up for me: http://youtu.be/1TtGQnyPZ6g

can somebody tell me where they had put the home button?

i haven't tried it, but wondering what the main difference is....does it allow us to better fill up boxes that are planned for shipping? In other words, do we get to add/remove items and see the effect on the shipments they want us to split out and send in?

my problem with the current version is that I often have very small shipments split out that make no sense to ship, and I am now being told that I have to ship ALL SHIPMENTS created, even the ones where they want me to send 45 items to one warehouse, 38 to another and 3 items to a third warehouse....I used to delete those smaller shipments because it just makes no sense FOR ME (yes, I guess it makes sense for Amazon...).

Back in the day I could fill up a box very efficiently....current system forces me to ship air and dunnage and different sized-boxes, etc....a complete nightmare, which I suspect has turned a LOT of sellers off of FBA (remember that email survey we got awhile back by mistake: "Why have you stopped using FBA?" I hadn't stopped using it at that point, but obviously there was a serious concern about the FBA sellers abandoning the program.).

I am seeing a lot of $0.00 refunds lately...I suspect this is because Amazon made promises with the Prime program that they can't meet as far as shipping time is concerned, thus the shipping cost refunds. This has to be costing Amazon a LOT of money. And the burden of that miscalculation got transferred to all of us that use FBA.

Harun wrote:
I hated it a first. Now I like it better.

it's still very buggy. I'll try it again next month

I tried the new plan today. Anyone have any ideas for this: On the old plan I add stuff as I go, sometimes over many days or even a week. I put everything in different spots for the different warehouses it split to. On the old way, it tells me each time I add items where they are going. Now that I have switched to the new Shipment Creation Workflow I have hundreds of items in one HUGE pile and then I have to go and pick through the pile to divide into the various warehouses once I am done creating the plan. So I have picked the items once off my shelves and put them in a HUGE pile and now I have to pick through the pile to divide???? This makes no sense. They are all nice and organized on my shelf and then I just toss it all together just to sort back out. What?? Please tell me I am missing something so I can fix this mess I have going.

I have the same issue with the plan. I sell used books which means many SKUs per shipment. The beta shipping queue works okay if everything is going to one fulfillment center. But last month, I was having to split inventory between two fulfillment centers, Chester and West Columbia. It would have been a nightmare to have to separate 200+ SKUs into separate piles using "The Plan." I wound up using Scan & Ship to create my shipments because the old queue didn't work so well for splitting my inventory either. Also, it's nice to add a few extra items to your box at the end of shipment creation if needed. It's not possible to do this with The Plan. If we are all forced to start using The Plan, I hope they at least create the ability to merge shipments going to the same fulfillment centers. The Plan isn't user friendly for those who have an "add as you go" type of work flow.

I am new to the FBA program, but I had an experience today has made me reconsider whether I want to continue with it. After listing, labeling, carefully wrapping and packing a box of 45 items, it was all ready to seal and ship. When I came to concluding the matter and printing the shipping labels it tells me that one item has to be shipped to a different location. I wanted to just delete that item from the plan, but there didn't seem to be any way to do that. So I had to delete the whole plan, unpack the box, take the one item out and start over.

My reflections on the matter (after my fury subsided) are these. A "Plan" should be understood as ONE box going to ONE location. The destination of the shipment should be defined by the first item listed in the plan. Any item in the inventory that cannot be shipped to that same destination should not be allowed in the plan. Then you would never have the problem of having a plan that you find out later has to be shipped to multiple locations. The plan should be built one box at a time going to one destination at a time. I don't think this would be a difficult thing to implement and it would save people a lot of contention. Also, it should be possible to delete items from a plan or change quantities before you finalize the deal the same as you can in your shopping cart. Why should it be different? They could make this very simple, but they seem to have chosen to make it daunting. I am wondering if Amazon really wants people to use this service?

Oneida Books wrote:
Of note ... I don't worry about marking anything as shipped either and add items to the shipment by file upload.