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Is there an issue with Scan and Ship being down or overloaded?

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We have gone to the expense of buying a thermal label printer for stickers, a thermal printer for UPS labels, label stock for each printer and have a scan gun. However, 4 out of 5 times we want to add items to a box for shipment we get a "System unavailable. Please try later" message. Is this happening to others? I have reported this to Amazon twice with no reply. Any thoughts/suggestions - aside from trying later of course. What's the point if it's down 80% of the time?


From Amazon:

I completely understand your concern regarding the error of "Service is unavailable. Try again later" while using our scan and ship feature.

I had forwarded your concern to our team in charge of shipment workflow who confirmed that this error was due to a technical glitch. This error has been noe (SIC) been rectified with extensive research.

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Are you still receiving an error? I remember when I used to use S&S to create shipments I would receive a similar error. It turns out it had nothing to do with a system error and was instead due to the fact that Amazon wanted the inventory to go to a different warehouse. S&S doesn't work well for creating shipments under Amazon's new distribution policy. New policy meaning items have to be shipped all over the country piecemeal instead of all to one facility. Anytime I received a message like that, I would create a new box/shipment and the problem would go away...

It could also mean that you are logged out, and need to re-login.