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Is ANYONE ELSE now shipping their items to only 3 or 4 locations?

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Okay Gang here we go...

We send in basically everything case packed. Within the last month, maybe 6 weeks, we went from shipping all over the place to THREE locations. ALL of these locations are out east, one is not even a FC it is ONLY a receiving center and then they send it to other centers for Fulfillment, and IND is no longer a place we send ANYTHING to.

Is anyone else experiencing this OR is it an isolated incident? We used to send a TON to IND centers, the shipping was FAST, and the entire process was lightening fast. Our shipping cost have SKYROCKETED while the service had plummeted.

I have TRIED to find out what is going on but I keep receiving the "canned response" "Our computer systems take several things into account when deciding where to ship your items.... some FC's aren't able to receive certain items... etc. I literally checked and found SEVERAL items we shipped FAR east of us were actually sent BACK our direction, and even further west, yet the great and mighty computer SAYS sending it east is the BEST thing.

Truly asking for any, and all, people whom have experienced this to PLEASE respond to this with what YOU have been able to find out or have been told.

Thanks! I hope EVERYONE is doing well with sales and getting ready for the crazy, crazy, crazy 4th quarter! :-)


I don't know if this helps but now I get only, TN, AZ and DE.

Thank you! I am glad to know there is someone else only getting a few when Amazon "said" we would be sending our items to various centers for a better fulfillment experience for our CUSTOMERS! :-)
Happy Selling!

The shipping locations seem to go in phases. We also have not shipped anything to IND1 in a long time. Lately, a lot of what we send goes to AVP1 in Hazleton, PA. Our two latest shipments went to PHX6 Phoenix, AZ and RIC2 Chester, VA. The funny thing is that usually when we get asked to ship to Phoenix it is actually an item that we source from a supplier with a warehouse in Phoenix, so we get it from Phoenix then label and just ship back west to a different warehouse in the same town.

I should add almost all our FBA inventory of late has been standard size vs oversize units and these are toy and game category items.

Last Christmas, which was our first Christmas selling season with both Amazon and FBA, we had great luck with items getting received and checked in quickly.

I'm sure the shipping algorithm is something Amazon tinkers with periodically and it will continue to evolve as new fulfillment centers open.

I just created a shipment with 19 unique SKUs, 310 pieces, with about 15% oversize. All of my standard size inventory is going to CHA1 (TN) and all of my oversize is going to PHX7 (AZ). I'm located in PA.

A question for you - do you currently have inventory in FBA warehouses for the SKUs in your most recent shipment? If the answer is yes, that may be the reason. In other words, Amazon is trying to spread the inventory to other locations. The majority of my oversize used to go to PHL5 (PA), however more and more is being shipped to the west coast (PHX7 (AZ) ).

If you ship a large amount of units for a single SKU (say 40+), Amazon will usually have you ship it to a regional warehouse for re-distribution. These warehouses usually don't ship to Amazon customers.

It really is a back-breaker sending oversize from PA to AZ. If the box size is over UPS's dimensional weight size, $20 a box is common...

Radio Controlled...

Too bad you can't have your source in Phoenix as an authorized user to access your account to ship the units to PHX and then send you the rest, if there is any! I have read, and heard, people talking about doing that but I personally do not know a darn thing about it myself! :-)

Thanks for you insight. I have been working with Seller Support Team Leadership regarding this matter. LAST Christmas was pretty darn smooth BUT the shipping was TOTALLY different, at least for us, and that concerns me. I even told Amazon I was VERY concerned there was a "glitch" in the system causing this very recent and dramatic change of our shipping locations. I was informed, "Several sellers have been contacting us about this same issue and we have escalated it to our Technical and Operations teams."

We are NOT sending our merchandise to various FC's, all around the US, for faster shipping to the client and allowing customers to still be served if there are any issues which may affect a particular region. (Remember the whole spiel about WHY we would be shipping to new locations all over the place?)

I looked back through all of our shipments and found we are shipping to 3 centers. We did ship 2 shipments to another one but that only happened once. This has been going on since early JUNE. We sent out last shipment to an IND center in MAY. We live in Iowa.

Thanks again for taking the time to put your comments in my little post. I REALLY appreciate knowing it is NOT just us.

I am glad you were able to find a warehouse in PHX which ships you games. We have spent 3 years TRYING to source a distributor that did not require $10k minimum orders! CONGRATULATIONS! (I am a bit envious to be honest.)

Happy selling and I hope you are able to figure out some way to get those PHX items shipped WITHIN PHX!


I'm sure as soon as we arrange to get a batch shipped from Phoenix into FBA, the Amazon software will tell us to ship everything to South Carolina. :-)

From our end, we prefer to control the labeling and sending issues ourselves. We don't trust commingling inventory for many of the things we put into the warehouses and I sure don't want to be pulling my hair out wondering if a shipment was properly labeled or not from another source. If extra hands are needed locally, I can bring in quick hired help from a local shipping store.

We've been selling through FBA since 2012. We've sat on the sidelines through most of the debates on shipping issues. Being in Cincinnati, we're reasonably close to the warehouses in Indiana, Virginia, South Carolina, Pennsylvania, Kentucky, and Tennessee. Now if we start getting told to ship everything to California, we'll be swearing a blue streak!

As far as "glitches" go, people who buy our stuff are getting their orders so ... once it gets to the warehouses and into inventory, things appear to be okay.

NextGen Gamer...

I read your post and got a sick feeling in my stomach at the thought of shipping fees!

We HAD been shipping items to a variety of locations until about 6 weeks ago. I did not even know Amazon had "re-distribution" centers until a few months ago! We send in EVERYTHING case packed even if it is 2 small items. We tried sending in small, medium, and large qty. case packs of ONE ASIN. We figured the system would recognize the small ones, occurring 5 days in a row, and send each one to a DIFFERENT location. ALL of them were sent to AVP1! Here is the next kicker... EVERY SHIPMENT had an "error" during receiving. I created a case for EVERY shipment, the investigation was done, we were found to be 100% compliant every single time.

We send to the following now: CAE1, AVP1, PHL7 and 2 whole units to PHX6.

I have been extremely assertive with Seller Support about all of this. We have had SO MANY shipments flagged with a receiving problem it is absolutely ridiculous. I made a case for each and every one flagged with an error, they had to go through and investigate each one, and EVERY SINGLE ONE came back it was THEIR error. Suddenly Amazon is now getting the Operations and Technical Teams involved because there appears to be some issue with the computer system and receiving certain items.

Personally, I think there is a "Glitch" in the computer system deciding where we are shipping our items to! (I THINK they are starting to think there may be an issue as well.)

There certainly is NO shipping to various locations around the US by us. AVP1 is taking our product, receiving it, and then shipping it on to OTHER REAL FC's so it is taking quite a bit of time for our merchandise to get to a point where it is IMMEDIATELY available for purchase.

I hope they get this all resolved VERY soon or we are going to need to start shipping ALL of our 4th quarter merchandise in NOW!

Thank you for taking the time to give me some ideas and for sharing YOUR experiences. I hope things run smoothly for you and you have an exceptional 4th quarter!


I agree about the "control issue"! We are sticklers about only EXCEPTIONAL items being sent in and everything in compliance. Letting someone else do it would drive me INSANE! :-)

Thanks again for sharing your experiences.