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Extra items accidentally sent in an FBA shipment?

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I am fairly new to FBA. I sent in a shipment of items and did not double check the packing slip like I should have. I put in 3 of an item that I thought was on the slip, but it was not. My inventory is showing it as fulfilled by merchant. What should I do? Is there a way for them to add this to my inventory when they get it (I was wanting to send it in anyway...). Are they going to send it back?

Thanks in advance to anyone who can help.

convert the listing to FBA, mark it as shipped and unlabelled so that they can put labels on them and include it on the listing.

Thanks. Converted to FBA, but not sure where to mark as shipped/needing labels?

Look into your FBA shipments, it should appear as yellow "working on shipment" go through the process and add unlabelled so that they can do it for you and then since you already shipped them don't buy shipping choose other and add the shipping tracking you already have (of the one you shipped).

It doesn't say working on shipment in yellow, because the shipment is already in transit? Unless there are more specific instructions on where to find this...

Go to your FBA shipments, if you just turned it into Amazon FBA, look for it, it should be there. What does it say?

Ok, so I go to "Manage FBA Shipments". It shows up on the page, status is "in-transit". My only options there are "Track Shipment", and "Download Pack list".

Even though I had not listed it as being in the shipment, it showed up in my listings. So it wasn't a big problem after all...