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Missing inventory being added as a commingled unit

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Hi, everyone. I'm a newbie and this is my first post here.
I am selling DVDs with FBA. Some of my shippings have missing units and I opened cases a few days ago. Today I got an email from Amazon saying Amazon Listing Created, which I didn't. I just realized they found my missing unit and added it to new listing. The price was much lower than my other unit, so, I had to change the price before someone buys it for a bargain price.
After that I got an email from Amazon saying that they found my missing dvd, which they say missing label. I double checked all my inventory before inbound shipping and don't understand how the label has gone. That, however, can be happen. I understand. The problem is next.
The email says that "this has been added to your seller account as a commingled unit and is now showing on Amazon.com." How this can happen? Media is not for commingle, is it? Also, the dvd is Disney which is infamous for fake copies. My dvd is authentic and I worry that they mix my authentic one with some other sellers who knows what units. Any idea? Thanks a lot

I've got phone call from Amazon. The CSR said my DVD was only one in the commingled inventory and therefore there would be no possibility to be mixed with others. Also, it's already sold. So, that's what happened.

So, this question has been self-solved with Amazon's help. Thanks