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Printing FNSKU using custom labels

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We need to print FNSKU sku using custom labels entered into our shipping software. To achieve this, we imported the FNSKUs for our products into our software.

Q: How do we convert the FNSKU to a scannable barcode?

That depends a bit on your software ..... as to the exact how. Is it modifiable?

Basically what you need is the correct code to convert the text to the barcode image.
As for me I use Java to convert it and the resulting image is placed into a field .....

You'll need to purchase a UCC/EAN 128 barcode font.

Edit: Wanted to add that integrating the barcodes into a software program would be nice, but you can use Amazon's Scan & Ship webpage to print any FNSKU on demand for an existing SKU. Also, if you buy a Dymo 450 model printer, it comes with free software that has the UCC/EAN 128 barcode font. That is what I used before Scan & Ship.

When you use the software from the Dymo 450 and the barcode with the UCC/EAN 128 font, on the small setting, does it allow enough quiet space on the address label size stickers? it looks like it is putting the fnsku writing like right under the bar code and I was concerned about if there was enough space? thanks for your help !!