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How Amazon decide which Fullfillcent Center I ship to?

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We ship LTL to Amazon for a long time. We usually are assigned shipped to IND1, Whitetown Indiana center, which is not very far away from Chicago IL. a few months ago, all a sudden we were assigned to ship to CVG3, Hebron, KY, which is 200 miles further. This change added 30% more of the trucking cost. Since we ship tons of stuff, the 30% is a lot.

I asked the tech support if I can still use IND1 because it is closer, the support said the system automatically assign, they can do nothing.

Does anyone here know how Amazon assign the fullfillment center? is my location considered at all? we are considering moving to Los Angles, will they still ask to ship to KY center?

Thanks so much.

The system does automatically assign them, no one knows how it's done that I know of and no you can't influence it.

I also don't think where you live determines where they go but I'm honestly not so sure. You might try entering a CA address as a ship from to see what you get .....

I created a new shipment with a CA address but it still assigns to CVG3 KY center. so it seems the system does not consider where it was shipped from. anyone here have any experiences on how to request change the fullfillment center?

It takes into consideration where your customers are, where you geographically already have stock, and where they have room.

So, if you have inventory in every warehouse except PHX, expect a PHX shipment, but not always because they might be too full. Or if all your customers are back East.

Eventually, if you have inventory in every location (Oh lord, the cost) they would make you ship to 16 warehouse, each a tiny amount. (Oh, Lord, I hope not.)

There is no way to do this.

Time to eat the cost.

Shipping FTL will help.

As Oneida said, you can not change where they tell you to send the merchandise. As to Harun's point, it seems like for my type of merchandise (home furnishings), the most important factor in the decision of where the merchandise is sent, is where they have a lot of room. Right now, Amazon has just opened a bunch of new DC's. Every time they open a new DC, that's where my merchandise goes.

a lot has to do with what you are sending in, also....i noticed my oversized toys all get pegged for a particular warehouse (don't ask--I can't remember) whereas my media items, when that's all I am shipping, tend to go to IND.

Scan & Ship or Ship Cases Only. Scan & Ship works well, but there is a limit to the number of units of the same SKU you can ship in a box. Cases works well if you have a large number of units. I have never dealt with LTL, but with UPS partnered you can get the per pound rate down to $0.15-$0.20 if you ship enough cartons.

I already planned for my inbound costs to double, you should do the same. The $0.15/unit surcharge isn't worth it because it is based at the SKU level, not the shipment level, and you still have no control over which warehouse Amazon picks.

I do noticed that if my items are flagged oversized, Amazon will ask me to send to all over the places, also if I send less than 30, it will ask me to send all over the places. If it is more than 100 cases items, it always assign CVG3.

Anybody works in Amazon here? there must be an algorithm there to make the decision. I do not mind sending to multiple places, but I need to plan it and make budget. Now we are kind of treated like idiot knowing nothing. At least they should make it clear to us.

Does anyone here know how Amazon assign the fullfillment center? is my location considered at all? we
are considering moving to Los Angles, will they still ask to ship to KY center?

My problem is the warehouse change constantly during shipment creation. I have four open orders that I have to wait until the warehouses come around again as a destination for fba items. Most of my orders that I ship to fba are 30 items are less and in the time it takes to add half of them to the shipment the warehouse will usually change. So I have an open shipments with 20 units for ind4, 20 for bna3 and 20 for west virginia.

There should be a way of notifying sellers so when the warehouse changes half way through adding items to you're shipment you don't have to wait around until it cycles back to that warehouse again.

Anything with quantity 18 or more, sometimes it could be 24 or more, is shipped to Hebron, KY. It is dependent on how busy Kentucky is. Then Kentucky breaks it down and dispers it across other warehouses for you. That's why once your items are in Kentucky, it can take up to 7 days to get your items available to sell on Amazon. They ship it to the warehouse they want. So Your shipment from CA could go to Kentucky and then part of it sent back to Phoenix. That is the way it is currently setup.

So if your in California and order from the east coast, it takes a week to get to you. Then you ship it to Kentucky and that takes another week. Then they need to setv an appointment for delivery and thatv could take another week. Then it gets received and Kentucky distributes it to multiple warehouses for sale and that another week. Congratulations, it's net 30 and the invoice is due and you have been able to draw no revenue from it. That's the Amazon way.

All over sized items get broken up into 3 zones. For me it's Phoenix, Carlisle, PA and Chattanooga,TN.

But lately, they have been making me send all oversized to South Carolina (GSP) not sure if this is a new warehouse they are trying to fill up, or what there reason is.

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