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Anyone else having backlog issues with CHA1?

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I sent in a shipment that was delivered over 7 days ago to CHA1. I've been doing FBA for over 2 years and this fulfillment center has always been great about receiving in my items quickly without many lost items...

With this shipment however, only 61 of the 135 have been received in, and the shipment was last updated 6 days ago... I've had a ticket open for over 48 hours, and just now got a clear response.

According to support, CHA1 "has backlog issues on site and is requesting more time to receive in the inventory" after 8 days mind you.... The odd thing is, that I had another shipment arrive there 3 days ago which was receive in full already and closed...

I supposed I am confused by this answer because if there truly is a backlog issue then my 8 day old shipment shouldn't be at the front of the list?

I haven't ever had this much delay with any FBA FC. Either they receive the same day of me opening a ticket, or they reimburse for the items they misplaced the same day. Waiting 8 days has been unheard of for me, quarter 4 or not.

Anyone else having issues or is it just me?

Had a similar situation with RIC2. Two shipments.

First one delivered 17th and hasn't been received yet. Put in a ticket. Told me to allow for 3-5 business days.

Another delivered 19th, started receiving on 20th and, after some starting and stopping, they finished with it this morning (25th).

Wondering if there are other issues that are causing delays since we're talking about 2 different warehouses.

Thanks for the reply, at least I'm not the only one :)

This I expect with RIC2 since the FC is new....

I'm going on day 10 with almost $2K in items just sitting there at CHA1 with no specific time frame of when they will be received. Kind of frustrating

I feel your pain. I have been with FBA for about 2 years now and we have a shipment sitting at ABE2 since the 11th of October. It still shows it has received 185 of 200 units.... We have tried contacting Seller Support...and although they are really polite in their responses and their "promise" to get something done for us... There have been no changes in 16 days. However, we have..as you experienced...also had other shipments in after that that have been put into stock. WTH?! It seems lately the delay from when they hit the dock to when they are received into inventory has exponentially increased.