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Which Sticker To Use For FBA?

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Hi group,

I'm hoping for some clarification here on the sticker to use on our products to be sent to FBA.

When we started this process, we found we had to get ISBNs for our particular items, and to purchase labels with that barcode and number on it. No problem, used an Amazon-approved service, labels look fine, all is well.

Now today when I get ready to start shipping product to Amazon for FBA, near the end I'm presented with some other label type -- one with the item name, another ID number, barcode, etc - and that sticker goes OVER any preexisting barcode labels. The ones I bought earlier in this process.

Does this make sense? Do I have to put these other labels OVER the ones I bought earlier? Or can I use the labels with the ISDN number and code only?

It just doesn't make sense that Amazon would approve label printing services and not mention "Oh yeah, if you're going to use FBA, you have to print your own labels". I'm sure I'm just missing something here and I hope one of you experienced sellers can help me out here!



That is correct, you need to cover any existing UPC/ISBN labels with the Amazon FBA labels that have unique information for your SKU.

Here is a link to the FBA Help pages that discuss labeling for FBA:



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Added the help page link.

Great. That might be something both Amazon and the label sellers might mention up front when they tell you what you need to sell here. We spent hundreds of dollars for labels that we now can't use (or have to cover up with homemade labels, and the one thing I didn't want to have to do is work with printers and labels).

I do appreciate that clarification, though!


I added a link from the FBA manual that explains labeling for FBA in my other post.


I'm just beyond angry about this. If Amazon or the ISBN issuer had EVER mentioned anything about this earlier in the process, I never would have bought the ISBN labels in the first place. Why would I have bought labels knowing I'd have to cover them with ANOTHER label later in the process?

Not saying this at you, Gail, just venting. Sigh.


I guess I am curious now why you had to purchase ISBN labels? Is this ISBN unique to yourself in some way?


Hi again,

I did some research and think I understand now....

Wishing you all of my very best with success selling on Amazon and using FBA.