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What items can be put into one box?

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I'm very new at FBA, in fact I'm packing my first shipment. I know I've read in the threads that we must be careful what items are packed together but I can't find the guidelines stating which items I can pack together and which items I can't.

Can I pack DVDs and CDs together?

If someone has a link to the rules on this or if you can answer my question, I'd greatly appreciate it.

Thank you.

It all depends on which warehouse Amazon says to send your product to. Typically my books, CDs and DVDs all go to the same warehouse.

Thank you! This helps tremendously. I've emailed the seller support a couple of times and I don't think they understood what I was asking.

So to be clear, I can mix types of product in one box as long as they are going to one location? This will avoid a bunch of little boxes being sent to the same place.


At Amazon, you create a shipment. Amazon will tell you what can go into that shipment. A shipment can contain 1+ boxes. You can mix product types. We typically have 3+ categories going to the same warehouse in a shipment. It's no big deal. Just make sure to pack well so that your products don't get damaged on the way to Amazon.

Very helpful! I have seen others on the forum stating they can't send more than one item to a location so that is what confused me. I am very clear on how to send to warehouses as that is detailed in the instructions. This was the one piece I was missing.

Thanks for your help!