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Shipping Large Box Items to FBA

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I have some large, already boxed items that I want to ship to FBA (think computer printer, ride-on toys, etc). They are already in a box that's adequate for shipping.

Q: Do I just put the barcode AND UPS labels on the item and ship? If so, how do I handle packing slip?

Or do I need to find a really large box to put each item in (so it's basically double boxed)?

Use a clear plastic envelope for pack slip.

I wouldn't put anything directly on the box myself. As a buyer if I had to tear it off I wouldn't like it .... JMO.

If there's very many I would look at palletizing and if not I think I'd wrap in the clear pallet stretch wrap to protect the box.

I'm sure someone else has a better idea but that comes to mind.

I would double box it. UPS wont like it if you shrink wrap it, if that is how you are shipping it.....

Yeah, tell me about it. I used to have this problem all the time. I ship large box items to Amazon also, but I don't do it very often. Maybe once a week. Anyway I double box everything because I don't want my customers to receive an item that's all dirtied up by shipping all over the place and with a bunch of labels on the outside of it. I ended up buying electric cardboard shears and a bunch of double walled corrugated cardboard sheets 48''x96''. Whenever I need a big box of a specific dimension I just make it myself so I don't have this trouble anymore.