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oopsies, left 4 books out of a shipment

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I thought I had created a new shipment to work on, but those 4 books were actually part of the shipment I sent off to ind4 last week and have all been received (minus the 4 here with me now).
So, how do I get these 4 books to Amazon?
I need the packing slip that goes inside the box, and I need the Ups postage for box 4 of 4 (shipment was 3 boxes total).

Or better yet, can I delete those 4 books off of the shipment that Amazon has?
The shipment status is still in working mode, but I see all books have been received and are active listings except for the 4 stragglers.
that is what I would like to do before I get a bad mark.
Is that the best thing to do, and, can I do it?
Thanks in advance. View the reply Rainbow1 selected as correct

You should just start a new/separate shipment with those 4 items .... and not worry about bad marks.

It's not that big a deal.

I didn't see a way to delete the 4 books from the shipment that Amazon is working on.
And sending the 4 books is a hassle apparently, so the best thing to do is begin a new shipment? Is that the next step (official, recommended etc)?
Sounds good I just want to be sure im doing this right.

I don't think there is an official on this. You could send support the question if you really wanted.

I can't tell you how many times it's happened to me, item left out of shipment. I just put it in the next and close out the last .... After a while they'll close it themselves if you don't.

Thanks Oneida,
Thankfully the 4 books are lightweight Cos the shipping charges have already been paid for the last shipment and from what I've read here, we don't get refunded for paying too much for shipping.