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Printing with Zebra LP 2844 directly from amazon

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I am fairly new to the online selling and shipping business. I understand that the zebra lp 2844 thermal printer is one of the best there is to print usps or ups shipping labels.
However, I am not sure how to print with this printer directly from amazon website. Is it at all possible? Is there a way around it?

I tried to print the label to a pdf first and then sending it to the zebra printer with no luck.

Any clue?

Thank you

PS: I do not which to pay $15/ month for a 3rd party software =) (stamps.com or other)

If using the PDF method what you can do is select (under 'view' or maybe it's 'tools' I think) take snapshop.
Drag and highlight what you want to print.
Right click on image and select print.
Choose both the 'fit' and 'auto-rotate'
Print ....

Or something basically like that. Sorry. I got interrupted and have to go ...

For some reason , I can print 4 x 6 labels directly to the Zebra without having to open the file and print from a PDF. Amazon must have changed something to make it work! Yay!

Do you remember what you did or how you did it? Haven't noticed that, I usually have to export the pdf to image and pull it up in photoshop and manipulate it from there into 2 separate zebra prints (4x6)....

"For some reason , I can print 4 x 6 labels directly to the Zebra without having to open the file and print from a PDF. Amazon must have changed something to make it work! Yay!"

It may have to do with printer settings... After you pay for shipping the page I land on has a link on it to print the label. There should be a link to choose which printer to print on..

Thanks Milton, I'll check that first next time:)

I just purchased a Zebra LP 2844-Z and trying to print labels for product 1x3. When I create a shipment then go into print labels it still is only allowing me to choose the 30 labels per sheet. I have installed all the correct software and still unable to print individual labels with this printer.
I then started the trial for adobe pro but that is not allowing me to change the page size from 8x11. I have been able to manipulate the properties to the label size but it will not allow me to change paper size from letter.
Can someone help me with a step by step. What am I missing? I have contacted zebra and they refer me back.
Hope someone can guide me.

You should really start your own thread since this one relates to the 4 X 6 labels.

However It's not the printer ..... not will Amazon do it for you. It's the Amazon driver software for that section.

I do think in the Scan & Ship area you can do it though. I just don't use that .....

Thank you!

If using PDF, take a Snapshot. It works perfectly. However, you also must change the printer settings on the Zebra LP2844.

If anybody needs help, please reply.


Simple. Scan and Ship and wide labels as it only prints in portrait mode. It allows you to print as many or ad little labels as you want, one SKU at a time. It is also free as it is built into the Seller Cental website. I don't understand why more people don't use it. So much faster and cleaner than taking snapshots...

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I know this is an older thread, but I just set up my Zebra printer and got this to work.

In my case, I had the label printing set to the left of the page (so I could flip it over and print two labels per page), and had to set the printing area back to "default" before the choice came up. Now it works fine, and I really like this label system. It's saving me a lot of time.

Now, if only I can figure out how to set it up for international shipping...which I now isn't an FBA thing.

Have Fun!


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I am planning on getting the zebra 2844 for fba labels- we use it for our regular shipping labels and prefer it to the dymo. I know how to take a snapshot in the pdf, but I was wondering about what settings I would need to input on the zebra or what I do after clicking the snapshot. I'm trying to make this work because the 30 up labels have broken two (almost 3) color laser printers.
Thanks, Sylvia

For the Shipment label after taking the snapshot of the label on the PDF ..........

Right click within it
Select Print
    Pages to Print > More Options > Selected Graphic (Should already be chosen)
    Page Sizing and Handling > Size Options
      Actual Size
      Auto portrait

... and then print out to the 2844

I think the same method works for doing the single labels also .......

This is my first post to the Amazon forums, I'd like to find out what setup other FBA sellers are using.

Here's my flow, please feel free to comment, praise, throw tomatoes, etc.

I used third party software that had great listing tools until I started buying much fewer items at larger quantities. So now I've reverted back to using the Amazon workflow.

I add a product to my plan, I right click on Scan and Ship and open it in another tab. I select that tab, scan the item UPC with my USB barcode scanner and print whatever quantity to my LP2844 for my FBA labels...

I have UPS WorldShip labels for an inkjet that I put through my Lexmark, I have rolls of thermal labels and I've successfully done as above and selected the section in the .pdf and printed to them in the LP2844. Switching the labels is not exactly ideal. Do those of you that print the shipment UPS labels via the LP2844 have 2 zebras? Or do you play the label swap game?