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Campbellsville, KY (SDF1)-the ONLY FBA center that processes jewelry?

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I've been selling Jewelry for the past year or so, and I've been doing FBA since January or so. I've always shipped packages to the SDF1 Fulfillment Center in KY.

I've been underwhelmed by the amount of errors they make, and I've been shocked to learn that other centers don't have as many.

Anyways, I'm not interested in whether KY is really "bad" compared to the others or not...I'm just curious if there are more centers that fulfill jewelry. Does anyone know the answer to this? View the reply ZIVA selected as correct

I would never use FBA for Jewelry. I can only imagine the return rate...

I have to agree ... I wouldn't do it either. You have no say in refunds/returns and I can imagine there are plenty.

At least if you self fulfill you can charge a restocking fee ....

Brace yourself for the post holiday returns.

I'm guessing 50% give or take 10%. Electronics is over 10% in Q4, that is for sure.

I've definitely thought about the whole selling Jewelry thing with FBA...there are a few key advantages IMHO.

1. Prime benefits: These people already love and trust Amazon enough to become Prime members, which I only get with FBA.

2. With jewelry, there is never any competition for the Buy Box from other sellers. I've since been able to earn it for my merchant fulfilled SKU's nonetheless, but before listings would just say "other buying options" and show me as the only Seller.

FBA means that I automatically will win the Buy Box every time since jewelry is a restricted category and I'm the only Seller who can "win" the Buy Box...that whole thing seems really stressful to me!

3. I've noticed that my returns have gone way down since I've started getting creative with showing and/or describing in the bullet points how things fit. I strongly feel that people really WANT to love what they buy so I try to give them the information to make an informed purchase.

4. Jewelry has one of the better average markups in retail overall, which definitely offsets the refunds. This past 2-week pay period I made $2267.53, and on July 10 Amazon paid out $1255.

So, I don't think the refunds are affecting things much since it's growing still...

So does anyone know if the KY center is the only one for jewelry?...

Price Groove, LLC wrote:
So does anyone know if the KY center is the only one for jewelry?...

Yeah, that's a really good point about never having had a split shipment...plus my FBA fees are always $2.37 due to the low weight. I should probably check to see if that holds for something like a heavier chain necklace, but it's still really small compared to a TV.

The thing that we have to deal with in Jewelry is that since there are no UPC codes for our products, we have to label all of the units and match them with the FNSKU. It's incredibly tedious and confusing, and it's hard to keep the numbers perfectly straight between how many units there are and then matching them to the right products...

I've learned from (massive) mistakes, and it's quicker and easier now than ever before to prep FBA shipments.

Plus, I think FBA is essential for a restricted category like Jewelry, since the Prime Members are going to be way more likely to buy jewelry onlinje. I think they're at least 65% of my buyers, if not more.

Thanks for your responses everyone :)