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Fulfillment Center Address List?

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Where can I find a list of all the fulfillment center addresses? I had one printed up but now they've added a whole bunch of warehouses, and I can't find the page anymore. Today's shipment is going to BNA3, which is a new one to us.


I don't know of an official list but here's what Wikipedia says. It looks like it might be up to date. I'd suspect BNA is Nashville (Murfresboro)

Thanks for your response. Yes, BNA is Murfresboro. I had to get the address off the packing slip, since after you pass a certain screen in the FBA shipment, the address doesn't show anymore. It's really, really inconvenient.

There used to be a page in seller help (somewhere) with a list of addresses, but I can't find it ANYWHERE now. I think this is very poor planning.

Out of curiosity, why does it matter? Just a curiosity thing, or is there some business reason to know where all the fulfillment centers are?

No real reason. We have (well, had) them printed out and posted in the office.

I was looking for the Fulfillment Center addresses to determine if I had nexus in those states. Amazon should provide a key to the codes somewhere easy to find. I spent an hour just to find this thread. Though the Wikipedia gives a list of the centers, it doesn't include the codes. Still trying to figure out ONT2.

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This may be a wild guess, and totally off the mark, but due to the amount of CLUELESS SELLERS who don't bother to read a thing after signing up, that come over here and ask "where is the Amazon address so I can send my FBA", that they have quit publishing the list due to the amount of boxes with no paperwork ending up on their docks that have to be returned to clueless-sender.

Go read the 17 page thread on the Seller Forum, where one (I use the term loosely) "seller" kept asking over and over and over "but what is the address"


Sorry it created difficulty for you, when you have a need to know these things. You might want to ask your question to Seller Help.

yep, i don't think they post the addresses because sellers would just randomly ship product there. or buyers may randomly ship returns etc..

alleycat wrote:yep, i don't think they post the addresses because sellers would just randomly ship product there. or buyers may randomly ship returns etc..

When we create a FBA shipment, at the end of the process, we generate shipping labels withing the shipping module and they print out with the pertinent info, including the address. Print twice maybe and save them to post up on the wall? Eventually you would have all the ones relevant to your business.


reminds me of customers who ask to just "drive by and pick up an order" or "drive over and drop off a return". the internet doesn't work like that...unless it's craigslist.

but why post these address on a wall? the addresses will always be changing. they continually add new fulfillment centers and once in a while close some down.