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Poly bag

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I have a toy and needed some poly bags. Does anyone know where I can get some large ones that will fit dimensions of

Product Dimensions: 7.4 x 8.3 x 13.9 inches

Thank you for your help.

What quantity are you looking for? Does it need a "Suffocation" warning label or mention on the bag?

Here is another link from another thread regarding poly bags for FBA shipments:



I don't need too many, maybe 100 to start off. Yes, I do need suffocation label, but I understand I can buy them separately.

Hi again,

It is difficult to purchase poly bags in less than 1,000 case packed quantity.

Perhaps someone else can advise where you can purchase in less than 1,000 case packed units.

I checked several online sources and couldn't locate anything less than 1,000 a case, but they are probably available from some online or local source if you do some research.

Here is a link for 2 mil poly bags for about a 100 quantity available on Amazon if any size fits your needs:



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Added an Amazon link and more information.

I have been looking for polybags as well. If you only need small quantities to start, you can find plenty for sale on ebay. Hope that helps.

Use these bags:


And buy a heat sealer with cutter. You're all set.

Edit: Here are some suffocation stickers. http://www.uline.com/Product/Detail/S-8329/DOT-Labels-and-Placards/2-x-2-Suffocation-Warning-Label

Can you not just use extra large ziploc bags and add a warning label.

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Certainly, but it doesn't look very professional in my opinion.