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How to offer sale/discount off regular priced items?

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This is probably a very obvious question, but how do I offer a discount or sale on a particular item? I know that you can offer promotions (money off) but it only appears to offer the buyer a discount at checkout. I want the discount to be visible when it it shown to the buyer on the amazon search instead of within the listing under the "Special Offers and Product Promotions" section.


Your discount will not appear on the product page, unless you have the 'Buy Box'. If you never have the buy box then doing a promotion only allows someone who has already decided to purchase to save seeing the discount at checkout.

Without the buy box, there is no way to populate your discount on the product page.

You can setup a sale price which will appear on the 'Offers' view. Go to 'Manage Inventory' click the 'Edit' button to the far right of the product you want to have a sale price for. On the 'Offers' tab, scroll down and you will find 'Sale Price' followed by a Start and End date for the sale. Populate all 3 of these fields and then click the 'Save and finish' button.

Thank you very much for your help!

I use "ADD TO CART TO SEE DISCOUNTED PRICE" in notes section. it works when I am not winning buy box as many customers see that note.Try it.
You cant use notes section for description but you can use to highlight your promo if you are offering or if you want to stand out in another certain,genuine way.
Customer can always see if discount is applied by adding to cart.