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The items I have for sale are on a page for a single item

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I have twelve to sell they are bulbs & each one is listed separately. Is there a way for a buyer to buy a quantity of the item to be shipped together and have the shipping cost be changed?

shipping costs can be changed on a unit/weight purchased model on a professional selling plan.

Thanks, That answered half my question. My fault for not be more clear.
If a buyer wants x amount of the 12 that I have, would the person check by each item, lets say 5 and then what happens? Are the 5 combined into one shipment & what would be the shipment cost. As an example: the cost of 1 item is $5 & shipping is $4. Now the cost of 5 items is $25. I'd hope the shipping cost wouldn't be $20.
And I'd guess I couldn't provide a quantity discount "buy 10 & get 2 free"???

The answer is, "it depends".

What you could do is log in under your purchasing account, put five in your cart, go to checkout and see what pops up. Then you would know what your customer will see. (Assuming that your both signed up or both not signed up for Prime).

If you have baked shipping into your product price and thereby offer "free shipping", then no. Unless you set up variations with different quantities, but those you'd have to pre-package and ship to FBA to list.

If you are a business seller seller you can set up quantity pricing, and give discounts for purchasing multiple items. I think the buyer has to be a business customer to see the discounts though - I have not done this in a while so I don't quite remember how it works.

If you have a price + shipping setup, then it depends on how you set up your shipping costs. If, hypothetically, you set up weight tiers, then 1 to X will ship for the lowest tier cost, X to Y will ship for the second tier, etc. I think.

I suggest you add the stuff to your cart and see what it says.

I have twelve to sell they are bulbs & each one is listed separately.

I tried but as I am the seller it wouldn't accept. I'm not a business. I tried to sell them in a multiple, but as the price is to much I got a note that that wasn't good listing. So I'll just leave as is and see what happens. In the new listing they can change the quantity but not in the "used". If I get a request from a buyer for a quantity I'll suggest they put them in their basket and see what happens.

I'm an individual seller. They are identical. I guess I'll suggest a prospective buyer to add the amount to their cart and see what the shipping cost will be.