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Product Authenticity Complaint

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I just received notice on my dashboard that my account is at risk, due to a product authenticity complaint. It is for an ASIN that I do not, and have never, offered for sale.

It should be noted that I recently made an enemy when I discovered an Ebay seller selling one of my products. I proceeded to dramatically raise my Amazon price, then place 3 orders with him, only to have my ebay order cancelled, follewed by a bs email with excuses, then giving them a piece of my mind. I'm not 100% sure that is the cause of this product authenticity complaint, but it's the only thing that I can think of. I've already emailed seller performance asking for details and declaring that if I did violate any rules, it wasn't intentional.

Does anybody have any experience with this? Any tips for me to take additional action and out of hot water? Thanks in advance.



They are only posted 2 minutes apart, possibly they made a mistake? Still I see no answer to thier question.

Most duplicate threads are because the OP does not like the answers he/she is getting or because the OP wants to wine a second time, which is why stating 'Duplicate Thread' is a thread-killer.

To the OP: I can see that yours was obviously NOT an intentional double listing, but you might have trouble getting much engagement on it now.

I have never experienced your particular situation, but if I did I would point out to Seller Support that you have never carried the product that you are being accused of selling knock-offs of, which I assume you already did. There is not much else to be done.

Thank you. The duplicate thread was definitely a mistake. Any additional advice would be appreciated.

I had one of these pop up last week - Said that the complaint was from nearly two months ago, and of course we had never received any notice.

I contacted Seller Support and they told me that 'I could continue to sell the item' - even though they never addressed the question as "Why is this showing up?"

About three days later, it disappeared from the screen and things went back to normal.

Maybe a glitch of some kind?

Check the asin to be sure that one of your items was not incorrectly merged to that listing by one of the Amazon bots. I have had this happen already, and all I sell is books. They merged a motorcross magazine to a motorcycle fender and then told me I couldn't list in that category. Just a thought to check.

I hope that's the case. Just noticed it has a date of all the way back to March 2016. But I am just now being notified.