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In a first, Amazon is suing companies that sell counterfeit items

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its about time, your thoughts?

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hwalsh_books wrote:
its about time, your thoughts?

sorry I mis spelled my search so thought it had not been addressed

It is not a first and so far means little to nothing. We have no idea of the manufacturers that lost all of their sales initiated any actions previously.

Personally I think its a great idea. Legitimate businesses will have nothing to worry about. Seems like a tough case to make though.

“Amazon’s customers trust that when they make a purchase through Amazon’s website—either directly from Amazon or from one of its millions of third-party sellers—they will receive authentic products manufactured by the true manufacturer of those products,” according to Monday’s complaints. "When customers purchase counterfeit goods, it undermines the trust that customers, sellers, and manufacturers place in Amazon, thereby tarnishing Amazon’s brand and causing irreparable reputational harm."

Too bad they just use this as a press release instead of sending to the Amazon staff people in charge of vetting new Sellers.

I took the time to describe a framework that would minimize the current flood of Just Launched Sellers of counterfeit imprinted, licensed sportswear. "Thank you for your good ideas" ... nothing changed.