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Back in early August, I sold a T Shirt to a buyer. The buyer received the shirt and contacted me that the shirt he received did not match the photo and wanted to return it. I authorized the return and offered a full refund upon receiving the shirt back, I received the shirt back and gave the refund. Next thing the buyer files a product authenticity claim on this item, Amazon contacted me and told me the item has been removed from my inventory due to the buyers claim. I have over 27,000 item for sale so I just allowed the item to be removed as I had bought these shirts 6 years ago for sale in my brick and mortar store and could not fulfill Amazons request to show proof of purchase within the last 180 days. Today, I receive a notice from Amazon that my account is at risk because of this shirt and want me to appeal. The appeal link does not work, so I am not sure what Amazon wants. It has been 3 and a half months since this claim, I did contact Amazon directly and asked them to look into this. I have been selling here for 9 years and never had to deal with this kind of issue. Any suggestion.

Did you delete the ASIN from your inventory when you took the t-shirt off of Amazon?

Yes, I did.

I do believe that Amazon's 180 day invoices are aburd in some items that are purchased for a specific time frame and market.

If it was milk then I can understand it spoiling and having a narrow market window.

Military goods are purchased for years before they are deployed and if your selling Military spare parts then the 180 day invoice window would be ridiculous.

On what grounds does the buyer and their expertise or lack of any credentials have that something is or is not authentic. Amazon is in the belief of rumors and dishing out what they are not aware of. Yes, this is Amazon's market and they do things in hindsight

If you still deal with that distribution or manufacturer of that product then work things out with them and have them cut you a order or so and with the notion of sending it back, which is absurd yet when your dealing with idiots you might need to protect yourself with that.

Also, if the playing field consists of these elements as you described, then consider the merits of your past and present business savvy and move into the direction of those who share your uniqueness to the market of consumers.

If in doubt of your product, since you might not manufacture it, then have a third party testing of that specimen that is foolproof.

it happen to me also, for an item i bought 3 years ago,

i managed to find the invoice, send it to amazon and explain to them that it dose not make sense to ask for an invoice from 180 days ago, some items do seat for years some times before they sell,
i told them to look at the ASIN history to see that the item was listed 3 years ago, and to see that it was listed with an inventory of 2, originally, and this is the amount that was in the invoice.

they send me a message back, that they accept the explaining,

try your luck if you can dig the invoice,

I have same problem with amazon. customer said the items was expired when i asked customer to take a picture and sent it to me so i can complain to Manufacturing company. She e-mail me the pictures and Shows 55667SR AR199... she misinterpret the "AR199" She interpret this as Expiration date APRIL 1999 not Product Code#. since i want my customer to be happy and at peace I sent her the new batch with different products code.. Everything went well!!! until fews weeks ago Amazon put my account at "at risk " category. I e-mailed them twice with the purchased invoice and follow-up 3x with the evidence photo that the customer sent to me.. I explain to them what happened... Still Amazon forbid me to sell the product. totally bad judgement and precedence for amazon... the listen to the customer without checking and investigation while the buyers who's putting bills just stand watch.

I strongly recommend you to SUBMIT what Amazon is asking for. Otherwise is a matter of time. They will suspend your account. Just get the invoices. no matter what.

I am currently going through the same issue. For a board game I have been selling for a few months now. I just recently had a customer claim it was not authentic. Amazon requested invoices for the past 365 days with specific information. I sent an email with all the invoices that include the item hoping this will resolve the issue with my account being at risk. However, they requested buyer info and the invoices do not include that. I no longer want to sell the item but I am still waiting for amazon to get back to me.

Any suggestions?

I went through this recently. The Appeal link just creates an email going to [email protected]
Send them an email (from the email you use to log in to your seller account) and respectfully appeal the case, including proof of authenticity (invoices)

It did happen to us as well. Send them the authentic item & the buyer claimed that it was not the same & I sold fake in the review. Emailed Amazon right away. They mentioned to email & talk to the buyer.
Asked the buyer the email me the pictures of the fake item they claimed. No answer. Emailed them 3 time totally.

Than emailed Amazon that the buyer have not emailed us & did not send us any proof of the fake that they claim.

Amazon, emailed me saying that they feel we did everything 7 that is against Amazon policy of giving this rating...... Amazon took the rating off & congratulated us on good seller.

Try it, they are very reasonable.

Next time it happens, ask the buyer to prove it & send pictures.

FYI - just make you email the buyer right away & after 2 to 3 emails, contact Amazon.... you will be surprised.

Hope this helps my friend.