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Order Defect Rate Question

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We have been selling on Amazon for almost 2.5 years. Our account status recently changed to "at risk." We have never been warned or suspended before.

order defect rate
1.41% short term
.47% long term

All other metrics are well under the limits, most are perfect. Only one negative feedback ever. We have 2 AZ claims from October. Those are the only claims we have ever had. Both have been resolved.

We are not suspended, but we have lost the buy button for all items and sales are in the tank. We can't improve the order defect metric unless we get more sales.

What should we do? I am very worried considering how busy this time of year should be.

Any input would be helpful. Thanks.

How exactly were the A-Z claims resolved? Based upon your 1 negative and 2 A-Z claims you have about 300 sales? A-Z claims only fall off if closed in your favor or withdrawn. Even if paid by Amazon they will stay on your ODR.

If the claims were paid by Amazon or paid by you, you are likely stuck until they move out of short term. Would need more information to be more specific.

One claim was paid by us, and amazon denied the buyer's claim for the other, but it is still open. both are still counted in our metrics.

We have 546 sales to date. The one negative feedback was not associated with either AZ claim.

How can we improve order defect rate without new sales?

Without new sales your order defect rate is going to continue to rise and that will risk suspension. Many on here reccomend going over to goodwill buying 100 or so books and taking a loss on them to improve metrics.

Well the denied A-Z claim should fall off then, if it already hasn't. Run the reports in your account health page, they are very specific as to what is causing your ODR to change. If 1/3 of your ODR issues are an A-Z claim that will fall off you likely will be back under 1% shortly.

We had three claims open once in a 30 day period. 1 Amazon funded, the other two withdrawn, but for a short period we were at risk as we have similar volume. The ship righted itself, at least for us.

Your metrics have nothing to do with sales. All the customer sees is your price and feedback scores. I'd reccomend start selling anything you got even if it's sold for a loss to Improve your metrics


Those statements conflict each other.

If we can't win the buy box, how can we sell anything?

Should we reach out to seller central?

Idk how buy box works? Sell as merchant. Regaining buy box seems to be easy if you go on good streak of perfect orders....

I sent an email yesterday to seller performance to request that the closed/denied claim be removed from our metrics. I have not heard back.

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Not gonna happen. Absolutely 0 percent chance. They will say even if we wanted to we couldn't.