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Amazon blocked an item, reviewing authenticity, help!

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Recently got this message


We are reviewing your account because of concerns about the authenticity of the items below. We would like to work with you to resolve the concern and complete our review.

ASIN: xxxx
TITLE: xxxx

Within 7 days, please reply to this email with the following:

    • Copies of invoices or receipts from your supplier issued in the last 365 days. These should reflect your sales volume during that time.
    • Contact information for your supplier, including name, phone number, address, and website.

This is a high volume item, and it's now blocked. I'm losing on dozens to hundreds of sales a day, and I actually buy from the manufacturer direct, from China. I've submitted two detailed purchases invoices, and the shipping invoices received in my two recent shipments, one from an authorized dealer and the other direct from the manufacturer. I've also included all the contact information. Amazon has not responded in over 36 hours, has not contacted my vendors in China. I contacted customer service via the link they provided, and they also have no information for me.

This is absolutely infuriating. I have a flawless reputation on Amazon, with my only negative reputation coming from an issue out of my control. I do 7-10k sales/month and have never had any issues. I'm really shocked by Amazon's utter lack of communication. Is there anything I can do? How long should this take?

does not take too long. Just send them the invoices and contact info for supplier. I hate giving away my supplier but I never had amazon jump on my listing after one of these reviews. I see you submitted everything so I would say 3-5 days time.


If you are buying from the authorized supplier than you will be turned back on.

If Amazon has received complaints that the Chinese manufacturer is violating someones IP then you will not.

So you are getting your Nike and Adidas stuff directly from the manufacturer, in China?

Bye bye.

Actually, I live in Portland and have access to those brands locally, but thanks. This is an electronic component. ThNks for the snark tho.

We had the exact same issue occur, except that our supplier is a U.S. based manufacturer. We replied to the Amazon request with the same information (vendor contact info and invoices), and anxiously awaited a reply. We knew we had done nothing wrong, but nevertheless this causes a lot of anxiety waiting for an answer.

A few days later we received notice that our information was reviewed and everything was OK, and we could continue to sell the item in question. However, it took over a week after that for the notice to be removed from our account health page.

Based on our experience, I wouldn't worry about this too much if everything you have done is aboveboard.