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how do i create a prepaid return shipping label

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can anyone help with this

You can't on Amazon. Go to USPS, Or stamps.com... Do a label, save it as a .pdf or image file.

bk books wrote:
can anyone help with this

Use paypal you don't need to pay monthy payment for stamps, endicia etc....

You can purchase postage from Shipping Easy. And if you do not have an account they give 30 days free trial. Remember printing a pdf label. Print it as a pdf File it works better.

This whole process does not make sense. Here is my scenario, I purchased shipping through Seller Central and now the customer wants to return the item because it was damaged during shipping with FedEx. I am trying to figure out how to purchase the discounted return shipping label from Seller Central and I have no idea where to find it. If I go through FedEx, it is going to cost 50 bucks more than if I buy the discounted rate through Amazon.

Any suggestions?

It must be purchased elsewhere (stamps.com, USPS.com, etc.), saved as a .jpeg and uploaded.

IMO: Supplying pre-paid postage is quite an exercise for return labels. I would like to see the option to purchase and attach right from Amazon. Consolidating the process would be very welcome, and may improve both seller and buyer experiences.