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How to get a con artist buyer off your back

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I've had a buyer who I have been dealing with for almost 2 months. Purchased and item almost 2 months ago and wanted to return the day he received it, return was authorized. A month later he was having trouble getting it back because he left for overseas and he wanted me to pick it up. Yes, me travel to pick up the package. He filed a A-Z claim saying the package was delivered back to me, but remember he wanted me to pick it up. Needless to say Amazon saw that it wasn't and resolved the claim in my favor, so I know I'm not obligated to except it. Got another message saying the package was delivered this time with a tracking number. The tracking number is for a package 4 states away and weighing 7.7 (times) the weight of the actual package I sent. This is the 4th time in 2 months I've got bogus info from this buyer. I think he thinks I'm a big box store and would just refund his purchase without a second thought. Any advise would be appreciated.

You are a business

This is a cost of doing business

Don't let it get to you and deal with it

At this point, you are under no obligation to accept returns from this "customer". All messages should be marked as suspicious and no reply needed.

Basically, ignore him.

I had a somewhat similar situation with a buyer. I contacted seller support escalated my case and never heard from the buyer again. Best of luck.

You met your obligations. You have no further business with the "customer". Feel free to mark subsequent messages as no response needed. And don't forget to report it as suspicious.

You are no longer responsible for anything that has to do with this purchase. As a fact, this Guy is Harassing you. Just keep marking his messages as no need to respond, and have yourself a Wonderful Holiday Season.

Mark as "No response required" Don't engage him anymore,he may move on to greener pastures.

His A to Z claim was denied and closed.
No further action is needed by you.
Should he leave negative feedback, ask that it be removed and state your case.
Your obligation to this customer and his/her transaction is complete.
Don't reply to any messages, mark them suspicious and no response needed.
Eventually he/she will get the message!

An A-Z claim was filed for this order, you are under no obligation, from what I read, to do anything whatsoever.

My suggestion is:

  • Do not communicate with this buyer further, mark messages as no response needed

This buyer was removed from your back by Amazon when they closed the claim in your favor. If the messages are obviously trying to con you or are threatening, you can also mark them as suspicious.

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