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Duplicate Listins

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This one has me baffled, but I suspect there is an easy explanation and I'll find it here.

I noticed that another seller has listed exactly the same items as mine, but for more than 5 times the price. He hasn't piggy backed on my listings, but rather created completely new listings with all of my images and content. As one example, I sell an item for $9.99 with free shipping and he sells it for $51.00 plus $4.49 shipping. What is the thinking/logic behind doing something like this? At first I though maybe he has a very dedicated customer base and can sell for much more $$$ and then have me ship to him and he'd then re-ship. That would account for at least some of the markup, but he hasn't done that. In fact, he has 1 lifetime feedback.

Any ideas?????

Submit a request to merge the ASIN's.
Use the Contact Seller Support link at the bottom of this page (the page you are reading right now)

We get this too with our more successful toys. Multiple Merge requests get stonewalled by reps because they refuse to merge ASINs with unique UPCs, no matter how exactly identical they very clearly are.

I suspect that sometimes this happens b/c the seller is hoping that the buyer finds his listing first and not the less expensive. Busy buyers might buy from him without doing more research. When I buy I product, I check Amazon first but also describe it in differnt ways. There are times when I find it for less $$. But if I'm in a hurry, I might not do such research.

  • They are trying to sell the item in a category they have been blocked from
  • they are trying to sell a brand they are blocked from or that's gated
  • they are taking a popular item and trying to catch a % of the high traffic here on amazon and grab the sale. if 50k people search for that item and that seller gets 1% of those searched directed at his item and then convert 1% of those they still get 5 sales. They also avoid price competition obviously.