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The best source of in-depth news and analysis about Amazon

Inside Amazon is a twice weekly newsletter that features all the latest news and information about the world’s largest retailer. From Amazon Web Services to Amazon Prime Music to the third-party seller platform to Amazon’s classic retail business – we’re tracking it all.

We read the blogs and press releases, listen to the earnings calls, know the best analysts on Wall Street, scour the newspapers and magazines, and deliver the most interesting news about Amazon twice a week.

This isn’t just a list of links – it’s an in-depth look at all the most interesting news about Amazon and other related areas, complete with analysis and perspective you need to hear to stay informed.

Inside Amazon is written and curated by the Inside team in partnership with Will Tjernlund, an Amazon seller and consultant who has sold millions of dollars of physical products and has also runs the Amazon account of multiple publicly traded companies.


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